10, going on 11.

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  1. Great screenshot 😁. I need search through my old ones and see if I got any star's and legends of kaw in my news too. I have some of Kingleonadas-TS but I don't think he is as high profile and in the same league as Deathmonkey haha
  2. Oh boy, an excuse to break out ancient screenshots! Hope I remember tomorrow lol
  3. It's so beautiful... I wish I could access my screenshots from that time but they're long lost on my old iPod with a shot battery. Me and my brother used to play together and I'll never forget people saying "you're mad being clanless" lol
  4. Good ole Deathmonkey. He was a cool person.
  5. @lemmy he was alright 😝 I do miss him.
    2009 was a whole lot simpler... and gold inflation didn’t exist lol. Crazy to think stats capped at 129k when only forges existed and strips actually meant something. I don’t think I’ll ever forget being allowed to take part in so many opportunities that transformed the game over time. And I certainly won’t forget that one of my ideas actually made it into the game...
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