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  1. Quit crying in forums and spamming. You got your cf from BCK as a clan. You have been removed from the clan page as a clan farm.

    I gave you a final warning, which you chose to ignore, before we even retalitated. An entire day of your slander, most were about me. Therefore you have no cf terms with me.

    Now stop all these posts. quit crying and xtal up. You wanted 1v1 with me and now you got it. This IS Kingdoms At War, let's play :)
  2. Good job guys. Have fun.. all luck to u two
  3. Get ****** your just a jerk that can't face you're enemy you are truly just a coward
  4. I never did you stupid loser lolo now I know why your alone I tried to be nice you ignored me so I will give all you told me about you if you and rice don't stop and they will know exactly what you are and why you hate men
  5. I will tell them how much your ex didn't love you but I know why as well
  6. 
  7. Anything but the ex!!

  8. Dang blood
  9. You noobs are the ones spamming tho 
  10. Phantom made a few threads. First one had a bypass, next two were less than a single sentence and were removed. The final one was locked with a final warning to him.
  11. I must have missed that ....I just see the two threads made about the exact same thing still active.
  12. Do tell us please. Thank you.
  13. You do know he plays this game too right? So go ahead and talk more. Might as well add another to the list of people who are farming you. Take my advice, keep my ex out of this.
  14. Engage age detector....



    (futuristic computer processing noises)...

    And the results are....drum roll...12.

    Worth every penny of the $50,000 I spent on a futuristic age detector.
  15. Some of this grammar I can't understand.
  16. lol, he claims he's older than my entire clan. Also went from saying he's a child psychologist, worked in the military and now is a chef, and last night claimed he was a detox counselor. I'm not sure which of these pathological lies to believe ?
  17. Really.....there really needs to be a thread about declaring a 1vs1 how about instead of clogging up the forums with dumb stuff u just talk in each other's NF
  18. Somthing worth reading finally!
  19. Already doing that but thanks for your advice. I made this post because he made 3 spam posts about this and they got taken down. The purpose of this thread is for him to stop crying and spamming forums.