0 War Tokens? What do u think?

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Majin_Venom, Oct 19, 2020.

  1. So it seems that if you loose a war and you dont have that many succesful actions because you have to dive in yo bigs, sko, whatever there are no war tokens dropping, making us loose our time and effort...

    If this is happening to you please write down your comments below, lets make this more worth our while, if not please dont complain when ppl only go for succesfull actions to rank in the leaderbords... making the whole team effort go down drain..

  2. Fix your build that’s probably why your forced to dive and end up getting no tokens
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  3. I can
    Make actions pretty well... nothing to
    Do with my build... but if devs force me to go for actions that will I Do Then...
  4. The issue is becoming more n more prevalent in wars as guys become charmed or BFA up! The days of smalls or poor builds diving on bigs will soon come to an end and we will see a two tier war with the smalls hitting smalls and bigs hitting eachother for actions ! It's a clan and supposed to be teamwork !