0 Items for losing war team

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Eliminate or lower items for losing team?

  1. Keep items same for losers

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  2. Lower items for losers

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  3. Eliminate items for losers

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  1. Trying to get devs to eliminate or lower items for losing team. Winning team get items even if 0 actions (suiciders won't fear diving/dumping). Tired of peeps not following orders to get actions? Me too. Nip it in the butt by eliminating action seekers (losing team gets less or no items). Inactives get 7 day shattered sword. Crying already? You are a item seeker, a scout bomb master. War to win or not at all. Then we work on even matched rosters. Thoughts?
  2. Support this , only downside I see is if your on the wrong side of the matchmaking people will give up before war has even begun because they get nothing for trying and getting a loss. I don’t know how to fix this but to hope matchmaking is even giving both teams a even chance not those lopsided wars where one team is tank heavy and the other full of hansels and spies who only scout
  3. With the state of war right now something needs to be done to A. make match ups as fair as possible B. Ensure alts/moles/inactives don't ruin war for the rest C. Make war matchup brackets a bit more fair. Some points to ponder, the ee1 for winning a war should be a permanent thing win or lose should run for 1 week like a fates chest and as long as you participate in a war you keep spell for one week! . WC should be able to drop inactive players say up to 2 ..on thread tho rewards should be for the winners and losers as it is now
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  4. I agree. I've thought about how upset I would be on losing team. Especially when top 2 ps and other top 2 trooos. Maybe it's me cause I mainly war to war. I enjoy the seals but it's not what drives me to war. All I know is if it wasn't all about actions, there would be better participation in coordination. Those that rouge for actions and get eaten, wouldn't (unless you are Jimmy, that guy can smell a leaker holding troops underwater!). We gotta do something bout item hunters who don't properly contribute during war