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  1. After years of new lands and equipments. I would suggest we bring new pots. We need new pots to help defend with charmers.
    We also needs special pots that you can buy for 10 nobility. Every hit of this pots bring down charmers % by 25% for 15 minutes. This will be accumulate. So need 4 special pots to bring charms strength to zero% for 15 minutes. This will help non charmers able to strip those that ridiculously huge charms. I’m sure I have enough haters that will spend on nobs to keep me zero charms effect 24/7
  2. No dumbie...devs just need to nerf charms. Keep it simple stupid.
  3. First hater will spend nobs for keep musang zero effect on charms. More money for devs
  4. Pusang smokes too many pots. Doesn’t need more
  5. Yea this is a good idea poosang.
    I also want a potion that will bring you out of pin because you will magically be self pinning yourself 24/7. You dont need sleep at all do you poosang. Just a good pc and make sure you pay your power bill
  6. Another hater that will spend nobility to buy pots to keep my charms at zero percent.
    I know you know a lot about pc. I think you are -appleseeds- still butthurt Twicc destroyed your accounts .
  7. If you read Pusang’s posts in a bad Arnold accent they actually make sense
  8. Please supports for new pots and special pots to kill charms. This way we can have fun and laughs about charmers get zero effect for hours
  9. This ideas already been suggested by me and to no surprise the devs didn’t say anything
  10. No support. Not because I like charms but rather there should never be anything without a counter. That pot you suggest is more pay to win then anything in the game. At least you could get more charms to counter charms but with this “pot” the person literally just wins no matter what. Needs a balance. Nothing should completely nerf something based solely on money purchases.
  11. Good suggestion their should be defense pots that you can buy for 10 nobility 