🥳 KAW 14th Anniversary Promo Weekend 🎂

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  1. KAWs 14th Anniversary

    Greetings, Warriors!

    Kingdoms at War is celebrating its 14th Anniversary! It's always an honor to be able to celebrate this games longevity and we're appreciative of all the Warriors old and new that have joined us on this journey in KAW. To celebrate the occasion we have some special activities and offers available this weekend.

    Promos and Plunder Bonuses

    All Epic Battles will have a 14% plunder bonus!!!

    Premium Epic Battles will have 30% increased plunder:
    • The Netherking (will be available for the duration of the promo)
    • Hexavia the Ravenstorm
    • Zelgarad the Accursed
    • Haunting: The Escape
    • Revenge of the Warbeasts

    The Epic Battle promo will be running from Friday, September 9th at noon PT until Monday, September 12th, 2022 at noon PST.

    Special Weekend EB Competition

    During the weekend there will also be a special competition for Epic Battles giving players the chance to earn plenty of rewards including additional Champions Coin's to assist their team in the Tournament of Kingdoms event.

    Limited-time Marketplace Items

    14th Anniversary Crux Chests can also be purchased in the marketplace for 39 NB. These can be opened with the 14th Anniversary Crux Chest Key in the Marketplace, available for 14141414 gold. Additionally their is a special 1 time purchase Anniversary bundle containing Seal of the Damned, Ravenbone Wind Chime, Horn of Calydor and a Valorstone for 114 Nobs.
    14th Anniversary Crux Chest and keys are only available until September 18th, noon PST, afterwards the Anniversary Crux Chest will remain openable via Nobility Points.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Thanks for playing and here's to many more years of KAW!
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  2. The rewards for the 14th anniversary competition are not good. Maybe next year make it worth spending money?
  3. Days off free stuff are long gone devs are so greedy
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  4. Such extravagant Shadofael banner upgrade to get.
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  5. Absolute trash cash grab, way things going won't be many more years of kaw
  6. We were promised a "hardcore pvp game". Yet for 14th anniversary event you want us to only do pve actions.

    Do better, ATA.
  7. I remember when this New Competitions released and it was pretty worked well for the community was so glad that NO PREMIUMS ATTACHED…but as time goes by, i’m seeing that devs seems like building another bait for new kaw vending machine. We all know that the main event LB is more beneficial for Premiums already but for god sake let Competitions be enjoyed by the rest of the community who does not care to spend single bucks on this game. If seeing exploit happening then do some tweak on tasks not adding premiums just to resolved the problems………and i thank you!
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