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  1. Let's talk about phobias! 😱(Perhaps this on topic, rather than off topic, since we're in an abandoned forum right here).

    🤡Scawy! Me so scare!👻


    Mood set. Lights off. Flash-lights pointing up to our faces from below whilst we sit up with milk and cookies... 🥛🍪


    First of all, I'd like to put my hand up 🙋🏼 and admit, spiders🕷, they freak me out. Especially when I accidentally walk into a web and can’t figure out where the math it may be! Is it on my coat? Crawling down my neck? Where?!

    It’s pretty horrible. Worse than stepping on Lego.

    My most hated spooder is easily the orb web.


    Yet, I’m quite ashamed to be scared of the old spidey-spides due to the fact that they help kill off pests that can be harmful to me. For example, I’d rather a mosquito in my room than an arachnid, even though mosquitoes are one of the biggest killers of humans going. I mean, forget Freddy Krueger, a mozzy is much more likely to be stealthily coming in your room to kill you while you enjoy your adventures in dreamland. 😪

    I’d love to eliminate my fear of our eight-legged bouncer friends, guarding our homes.

    Anyway, moving on, I find phobias interesting. Did you know that Steve Jobs had koumpounophobia, ie. a fear of buttons? It is why he wore those snazzy roll-neck all the time and is one theory as to why he was determined to make a phone without buttons (ie, how we all enjoy KaW now... eh? See what I did there?)


    Fear of buttons is actually a lot more common than yer’d think. I mean Coraline is based on the fear to some extent and carried a warning with it to those suffering from koumpounophobia when it was first released.


    What’s Pingu’s point?

    Well do any of you have any phobias? If so, are they strange ones like a fear of buttons? Or common like spiders and clowns? Or, do you know anyone that does have a bizarre phobia that just freaks them out?

    Would you/they like to cure it or ever successfully tried?

    Stand up and share with the group. We’re all one community here.


    P.S. This is my first forum thread since the update. Took me a solid hour to figure out how simple it now is to use. Good job, Apes! 🦍
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  2. I'm afraid of dogs. Specifically, dogs that come above my knees and I perceive as "not adequately under control." I've worked at it and gotten a lot better over the years, but since I'm very allergic to them, it has been slow going as my "positive interaction" opportunities are extremely limited.
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  3. Oh yes. I am quite nervous in that situation, too. They can be dangerous and highly unsettling, yet their owner can just smile and say that their dog is a softy, never hurt anyone, or whatever. But, still, I'd rather they keep it well away from me until I know it better.
    Seen too many dogs turn and the owner does very little, thinking that everyone loves their dog as much as they do. Kind of like a scary version of that screaming child in the restaurant with the beaming proud parent...

    However, there's a loop: the dog knows your scared so acts up so you get even more scared. 🙈 I, too, would like to be less nervous around them whilst simultaneously keeping my wits up.
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  4. Man, people who just let their leashed dogs run around and up to people willy nilly are so aggravating. Not everyone wants your dog in their personal space! Even if I liked dogs, I'm aggressively allergic and do not want your dog hair on my pants.
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  5. THIS!!! 🙌🏻👖
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  6. I'm afraid of Biden, #NOTMYPRESIDENT!