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  1. Those were fun, but I also love the times when devs lied to us.... oh wait
  2. So what exactly is the point in giving us furn that can't be traded, dismantled or upgraded and gives level 1 stats?🤔
  3. Ummmm it's like a broken pencil! Pointless! Devs realize that koh is dying faster than kaw so as to impress a new buyer they probably thought of this event as a way to show how popular koh is! And this is why a new account and not an old one was wanted! Oh look see 100 new accounts hooked today!
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  4. When are u changing knock out messages back to green on iOS?
  5. Well that’s pretty lame, my KoH account has too much vested in it to start a new one(2.6b might).
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  6. LMFAS yup good job on new content.
    Really thought outside 5he box there cupcakes.
  7. Sort a proper kaw event, nobody wants to play that koh **** 😂😂😂
  8. #freemusang
  9. Why is it that I can only have 1 goblin corpse? When KoH first launched I was apart of the beta and got a goblin corpse then. Now I do this event and it says a goblin corpse is a reward but since I already had it I don’t get the reward? Seems pretty lame and unfair to me if I helped test and promote your game.
  10. I am also wondering if this will be the case for the Green Heckfire Throne. Will I get a second one?
  11. No, I didn't.
  12. My town hall is upgraded to lv 3 & i dont get no crystal rewards for that:( this is a game of lies
  13. 1) is your KoH account linked to the same ATA ID as your KaW account?
    2) are you in realm 116 (press the map button near the bottom center of the screen while viewing the map area to view realm number)?
  14. I wish this event was longer. I am running out of time. I am only at townhall level 18. I won’t make it to townhall 22 in time. The only people who will hit townhall 22 are the people who spent real money on the game. Dev should have made it possible for active people to hit townhall 22 without having to spend real money. This event I went drop m excited to frustrate since the Dev made an impossible event to finish. I should have stopped at townhall level 6 that took less then 24 hours to get. That was the best bonus items. It’s not worth the rest if you can’t get the complete set especially since it can’t be upgraded and has no dismantling value.
  15. ya, I stopped at lv11 and it wasn’t even worth only two extra days of playing with how bad these rewards are iutside the goblin corpse. We all shoulda stopped at lv6 on day 1.
  16. Where does it stat that players would not be receiving duplex rewards? If it doesn’t ata has the obligation to add those rewards or put a substitute reward in place.