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  1. Hey, maybe you devs and their cronies are NOT trying to shut down KAW. So what? Doesn't make this any less stupid. We ask for ASW, better wars, bring back clan wars, even Clan loyalty in at least 2 ways. Do you listen?? Evidently not, you want us to play a game some, if not many, of us have tried and found wanting. Please try and pay some attention to your users.
  2. Anyone want to boycott this?
  3. No, you can. You just need to reset your account and start again 😅
  4. If they refund any money I spent, suuuuure

  5. I agree. Why would you pull KaW players out to play another game to collect rewards. We already have an event going on on KaW.
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  6. I’m with you andro I’ll stick with kaw
  7. I wasn't too far off, instead of reviews they want us generating users for heck fire 😏
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  8. When I said we want new events I didn’t mean this
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  9. Wishing it were war of some type.
  10. Great job so many positive reviews 🤡
  11. This is more one final chance to get the Throne of Heckfire and Goblin Corpse which is why they're included with other items at certain tiers for those who already have them. They are still not tradable, however, the NEW furni items are!
  12. No effort gets put into KaW anymore, this game could be so good yet devs just bring out same old boring events. Change up the game in big ways! Help the people who are not spenders at least get somewhere in this game. Take notice of what every game is doing now with the seasonal Tier systems like Fortnite has done. Fix a broken game before making another.
  13. They are not tradable , they can't be upgraded beyond lvl 10 , they can't be dismantled.

    At start of 2020 , your team had said we will be focusing more on PvP like events so we are removing seasonal wars and ASW. ( 8 months not a single event )

    Please don't say you guys are listening to our feedback regarding ASW because you guys don't even follow your own plans. LoL

    At year end you will just leave a message ''that was framework of old staff we are the new one!"
  14. Whats so hard to understand about people wanting to war in kingdoms at war?? Who needs rewards when all wars you use them in are gone. Havent had a pvp event in years, seasonal wars cancelled, and now it appears, so is asw. Why would i try a new ata game, so you can do the same slow kill of it 5 years from now? Start listening before a mass exodous starts here. Do you know how many war games are in the app store nowadays?
  15. Devs, you havent fixed many pending issues. You only think of new ways to present a rehash of something easy for you to run. Now you combine different games. Big deal :-( Why don't you listen to your players and get down to work and make the game your players love better?
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  16. This is a joke! I see queen replying to genuine disappointment and criticism with jokey comments still trying to promote koh. In wc queens avoids all the serious questions and only answers people who suck upto the new event. This event couldn’t have be any easier than another asw? Asw has been done before and shouldn’t be hard to do again? The whole we aren’t ignoring asw is rubbish. Why would you think hmmmmm... the whole community wants asw so let’s give them something they don’t want then give them asw. It doesn’t make sense.
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  17. SsSs, as with any event, we're happy to discuss once they're ready and genuinely enjoy reviewing your feedback for the future of KAW. However, that doesn't mean we're not working on future updates to KAW. Also, such updates to the game aren't something we go into beforehand (while we work on them). I'm sorry you might not appreciate lighthearted comments too but please know we are definitely reading your feedback during this event while enjoying it with you and everyone who participates.
  18. So now, you guys are encouraging and rewarding people to create alt accounts on heckfire but frown upon it in kingdoms at war..
  19. Appreciate any updates on All Star Wars which is usually hosted annually on the last week of August
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  20. Dear Queen,

    Others and myself would like some answers. Stop giving us road maps and promises. We would like to have a real talk for once. A honest devs to player conversation. A most of us have played this game for year upon years, and this game is coming up on the 11th year. We just want some answers. This response would be totally different if the devs would “do something”.