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  1. If we already have a heckfire throne and goblin corpse, can we get seconds? Can we dismantle the new heckfire throne for mats? 👀
  2. Also omg this thread's loading time 😂😂
  3. No support. We want wars here, we want pvp events, we do not care about heckfire (most have already tried it) focus plz!
  4. This is by far the most stupid thing I’ve seen from ATA in ages. Trying to drag us to their new game so they can finally close down this one.

    We were all here waiting for ASW or for another EE season... maybe a return for clan wars? And you guys bring a “join our new game” campaign.... are you guys serious? Wtf? Sooooo disappointed. You guys really made me lose all the respect, you should be ashamed to treat us like that.
  5. Hmm I thought it will be a war event, but well you are trying to make all of us an addict to a new game of yours. War event within kaw with such rewards would have been a better option.
  6. Will I have to pick a side if I play both PIMD and KaW? 😭😔
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  7. So this is supposed to encourage us to play a game made by ATA to give us oh so wonderful presents if we sign up and play a crap game! No thanks I will stick with this one
  8. We never said we wanted to close anything. We're trying to open the competition up more. Also, just because this event is happening doesn't mean we're not listening to your feedback regarding ASW etc.
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  9. We've made plenty of updates to Heckfire since then ;)
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  10. There referal is not working, neither is the link, as you get thrown into the game realm before the ability to refer.
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  11. Gutted it’s not asw announcement tbh🤷‍♂️
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  12. Disappointed.

    Are these rewards tradeable? Just like charms?
  13. If you are hearing the feedback on asw, then can we get abit of info on it. Such as when we might expect it?
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  14. How do I join the kaw realm? link just takes me to play store.
  15. The link to the realm doesn't work. How do I know I'm in the right realm...
  16. That is exactly what I first thought, trying to make us play Heckfire, which I’m sure the majority of the player base on KaW do not want to play just so you can try and bring us over to it so you can shut KaW down...
  17. Heckfire was a terrible game, I'm sure it was a massive fail and this is the 2nd time they "reward" us for playing that garbage. I'll pass, enjoy the rewards
  18. Oh, so, if you have a heckfire account already you cannot participate? That makes sense.
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  19. Then show us you listen to our feedback and give us clan wars and ASW back, tyvm. The seasonal wars were not bad either. I mean they require planning time, but I’m sure much more less time than organizing this event that like 50 people will join lol
  20. Oh Kaw, oh Devs oh what misery you have caused! No one wants to play heckfire no one wants the rewards no one wants to bothered to link accounts no one wants anything apart for a bit more enthusiasm for Kaw! Asw , tower event like last time, a full scale Kaw war with no opt out ; something anything other than the copy n paste events please ! Retirement here I come , good bye crule Kaw