🔥₭nights Øf ₮he ₣ire Ɇmblem🔥 - Over A Decade Strong and Still Going!

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  1. This is one of the coolest threads I've ever read. I can only imagine the amount of effort that went into this
    Congratulations on 10 years!
  2. Nice thread Jedi. Great family! Big 💙👊
  3. I’m so old I can’t even read these forums! Decade strong is unbelievable! KotFE 4 Life
  4. As long as the game remains PvP competitive players will always need a place to run. Thank you KOTFE for supplying the absolute juiciest of crybaby’s to hit, of course you don’t keep them in the main clan, we wouldn’t either😉
  5. Whew a decade huh. Crazy how long this game has been going. Congrats guys!
  6. This is a nice trip down memory lane. Good to see the acknowledgment of clans that supported the formation of kotfe - including the WAR clans (aoa, mr & the hollow) - which have been in osw with kotfe and apoc following its decision to join wdgaf but historically fought many osws with kotfe....the kaw plates keep on spinning! Gratz on the hard work that will have gone into the forum post 👍🏻
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  7. lmao! #chestthumpingmorons #nofear #ded!
  8. Easily the greatest clan to ever grace KAW. We definitely had our run-ins but I always held KOTFE in the highest regards.

    Cheers to you, Knights of the Fire Emblem. May you reign for 10 more years.

    -your friendly neighborhood prophet
  9. Strip me bbys 😩💦
  10. Happy Birthday congrats in making it 10 years KotFE. If you need any info I may be able to help on regards to history etc
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  11. Amazing! I love to see this.

    Altho there are some missing clans we used to have in the past. Kotfe awakening being one of them.

    This really brings back memories. And this brought me back to the game aswell. We are not just a community. We are a family. A family that's been lasting over 10 years. Many greetings -nipz
  12. Wow...10 years later and this clan is still alive! KotFE Forever! I’m happy to download this app again and see this clan still active...including this thread! I have a lot of great memories from years ago. This is awesome that this community is still active. Bring back Xioxas!!
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  13. Grats on 10 years Kotfe
  14. 11 years now y’all lol
  15. Grats on 11 years then :p
  16. Miss being apart of Kotfe
    Honestly great peeps 💪
  17. Great job on the revamp! Looks brilliant and well informed.

    I would make a point of note: Greenie (who I have honoured with her signature green heart emoji in my banner since she left KaW in July 2013) never was referred to as a 'Lord'. She was a 'Lordess'. It was assumed that all female lords were going to be called Lordess. However, RedHotVixen decided she wanted to be called 'Lord' upon her elevation and, since G was gone by then, all ladies from Vixy onwards have taken on her 'Lord' title.

    However, Greenie would definitely still say she was a Lordess, I'm sure 💚
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