🔥₭nights Øf ₮he ₣ire Ɇmblem🔥 - A Decade Strong

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  1. The Origin

    Before the Developers created Clans, players would create Clans via the Forums. On Monday, January 25, 2010, the player named Xioxas decided to create a Clan. His original thread has been posted below and can also be found here. (Unfortunately, some of the original images and animation links no longer function.)

     Knights of the Fire Emblem
    Discussion in 'Clans and Alliances' started by xioxas, Jan 25, 2010.

    Okay so I figured it's time I made a clan, and I should make it as epic as I can..... Animations 

    Since the invention of guns the way of swords, lances, and, axes had slowly faded. With the fire emblem, these ways have been brought back to wreck havoc on the face of evil.

    This clan is generally for those who arnt to dependant on others, but want some help and guidance . You will need to learn to become independant, yet clan associated. We will take opportunities to join in wars when we grow, but until then we will also do mercenary work.


    Lords-these are the clan leaders, will not be based on attack but instead your ability to act with responsibility

    Sages- advisors to the clan, will be chided by ability to make good decisions


    Recruit(0-30k attack)
    The pupils of the clan, always training to improve and prove thier strength

    Archer(31-60k attack)
    One of the last lines of defense, always on guard and prepared for battle.

    Knight(61-90k attack)
    Powerful, yet slow these knights are always ready to do some damage.

    Cavalier(91-150k attack)
    Able to wield different weapons, these mighty horse riders are couragous, strong, and proud.

    Hero(151+ attack)
    These mighty warriors fear nothing. The elites on the battle field who never give up until they are the victor.

    Spy ranks:

    Bandit(0-20k spy)
    Often looked down upon, the thieves will take what they want, when they want.

    thief(21-50k spy)
    Able to move around without being seen, these spies still require a little more training before they can go without lockpicks.(couldn't find an animation)

    Rouge(51-90k spy)
    Master thieves, able to open chest without lockpicks and can easily steal from anyone.(no animation)

    Assassins(91k+ spy)
    Ruthless killers who never fail, this Is the last person you ever want to see if you plan to live.

    Special Class:

    Mercenary( at least 60k attack or 50k spy)
    These troops are part of the clan, but are willing to work missions for other clans for a fee.(buying allies)

    Any suggestions are welcome, support is also very welcome
    Please leave comments, but all hate comments shall be posted on my wall and not on the tread.


    In the early days of KAW, the player named Storallelite would keep a running list of the current forum clans on their thread. Below is a screenshot of the recognition by the KAWmunity that KOTFE was a new clan.

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  2. The Inspiration

    Our Founder, Xioxas, based his Clan concept on the Nintendo game series, Fire Emblem.


    Fire Emblem is a fantasy role-playing game franchise that was originally only released in Japan. In 2003, after two of the game characters were utilized in a crossover capacity in SuperSmash Bros. Melee, Nintendo released a new game in the series in the US. With sixteen main games and three spin-off games, the gameplay revolves around strategy based movement of characters held together with a story and characters like other role-playing games.

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  3. First Members

    The first two players to join Knights of the Fire Emblem were a Recruit stat level player named KingdomFighter and a Knight stat level player named Tdan.

    The first Lord, other than Xioxas himself, to be added was -_-Matt. He was chosen by Xioxas for, in Xio's own words, " for his past leadership experiences." Matt would also be the first KOTFE Lord to retire and leave the game.

    The second Lord was Watson. On Thursday, February 4, 2010, when the Developers hand-created the first day's worth of clans, Watson was the first member to apply and be admitted to Knights of the Fire Emblem by Xioxas. Watson helped run the clan when Xioxas eventually retired from the game for Real Life needs.

    The first members in the clan on the day of Clan creations were 33 total, with 6 Bishops outside of clan:


    Robijoe - AoA
    Zaln - iG
    Poddy49 - Modern Republic
    Duke-Of-Earl - the immortals
    Maximus_Aurelius - The Hollow
    Dash - Midnight Clan









    The next day, on February 5, 2010, Clan Chat officially replaced Forums and Palringo as the preferred method of communication amongst members.

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  4. First Milestones

    • First Birthday - On Thursday, February 4, 2010, the first birthday of a KOTFE member, xKhaoSx, was posted.
    • First Subclan - On Sunday, February 14, 2010, the discussion began about creating a subclan due to all of the join requests. On Saturday, February 20, 2010, the first subclan was officially started - Fire Emblem Academy. Some of the first admins at the subclan were Marcorr, Lostray, Vern, and Cardinal.

    • First Member Farewell Post - On Saturday, April 17, 2010, the first KOTFE member to leave the clan and post a farewell post was Bastion.
    • First Mock War - On Saturday, Friday, March 19, 2010, the first KOTFE mock war was held.
    • First Clan Farm - On Sunday, January 31, 2010, the player hjhshabjusbbshbdjoqoxjdnbdbshs hired allies off of and farmed the member Bastion. The clan and an ally clan farmed the player in return and shut him down.
    • First Public Post to Warn Challengers - On Wednesday, August 15, 2012, after a series of attacks and challenges, the Lord Greenie posted the following stance against challengers:
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