💘Spread Love Not War💘 Valentines Poetry Event

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  1. funny joke with pink hearts, almost like a rick roll.. now tell us how to turn them off.
  2. Thanks everyone for participating and we've sent out little thank you 💘 emoji spell for everyone who submitted a poem so take a look at your rewards! 👀
    Chest winners will be chosen and announced after Valentines Day so stay tuned!
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  3. Thank you so much!! Love the interaction with devs!! Just need it with wars next 👀👀 Tysm!!!!
  4. Intimacy written for the soul
    A soft kiss
    Fingers sliding through
    her thighs
    Lips caressed upon her lips
    Creating new words on her tongue.
    A taste of love
    A taste of passion
    A new found intimacy
    Caressed gently below the bedsheets.
    Soft nibble on her ears.
    Body warming through every touch.
    Bodies moulding together like a sculpted art.
  5. I didn’t get any, the hearts for the many.
  6. Roses 🌹 for those that I love
    Tho covid era indeed
    Happy Valentines Day!

    Ps: 💘 for me tho event ended pls🙏I missed the deadline. For my valentine son 14.2.2006 on his iPhone acct thks dev!
  7. I know I am too late. I debated even posting and I kinda missed the window. I'm not submitting for a prize, and this poem isn't gonna rhyme. It's modern poetry or something. Idk.

    A Love like this is not often found.
    We joke, we laugh, we ridicule - each other, the devs
    But at the end of the day, or break of dawn
    We log back on and poke more fun
    This isn't just a game
    For many it's been a home, a sanctuary
    Through the KaW seasons, the wars, the ceasefires
    A chance to escape hopeless realities and impossible situations
    We've fought a lot, and friends turned to foes
    But sometimes foes become frienemies, and then brothers and sisters in a different fight
    The Truth about KaW is - there is no one Truth
    Your path is your own, and you choose who shares it with you
    If this place, this haven of banter, and friendship
    If it went away tomorrow

    Who would miss it?
    Many may not even notice the last flicker of our KaWmunity's hearth
    Most would try and log in 3 days later to find it unresponsive
    Would you cry? Would you wonder
    Had you known, had you only seen, or expected
    If you knew, who would you ask
    Who would you not want to miss in your life?
    Me, I know my own answer - Loyalty
    The people who showed me compassion here are rare gems
    Some guided me through the mazes of my heart
    Others supported me when I messed up, with experience and advice
    I've lost so many during my years
    Could you bear to lose them all?
  8. Dear Greatmighty dev
    U r always e best
    If you award me with e 💖
    I’ll love u even more!

    ps: hi dev I’m late for the event and I’m appealing for your kindness to give me that 💘
  9. 💘 for kns
    🌹for kns
    To all mighty Kaw warriors
    Happy Valentines Day!

    ps: dev pls award me w the 💘. Thks 🙏
  10. Dear Greatmighty dev
    U r always e best
    If you award me with e 💖
    I’ll love u even more!

    ps: hi dev I’m late for the event and I’m appealing for to
  11. Hi there how r you
    Happy Valentine’s Day
    Hope dev give me e💘
    Help me get throw it!

    ps: Dev my time zone is SG , pls extend the award to my ID for my daughter’s hand phone thks
  12. And none for me as well 😩💔😭
    And don’t forget to enter me for event lucky draw 🥰
  13. Why no emojis for me💔

  14. For you

    Tell me
    How beautiful your soul is.
    Maybe I'll write someday.
    Enough we could see a shooting star.
    To know you're close.
    All I need is to see a smile.
    Let me place my ink into the canvas of your heart and write you just one moment.
    The Poet ⚘
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  15. Cling to me and keep me
    where ever you are.
    Fade away with a star
    inside your eyed.
    Tell me about your smile
    That smile that made me believe a shooting star would come by.
    Where ever you are let me take you
    To every moment where we made a memory
  16. Trading my legendary hairy legs for large clusters hmu 😘 ❤
  17. Your smile is the essence of warmth.
    You're the only one i can hear.
    Your love is my song.
    You're the poetry on my lips.
    Every word that flows from your tongue
    Is the master piece I had to write.
    A l0ve song waiting to flow through the breeze q jrv the warmth of your love.
    My valentine keep me in your heart where i may lay my words to rest.
    Maybe you'll see a miracle when you look in my eyes. You're the valentine of my soul.
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  18. Kiss me Even though we are miles apart.
    Let me stay inside your mind where we can create a new dream.
    Feel my breathe upon your skin and know that I am still right by your side.
    Give me just one moment and you'll see why love was created from just one moment.
    Let me take you into my dreams where we make love until the sun comes up.
    Happy Valentine's.

    The POET⚘
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  19. Words of a soul. A poet is more than a rhyme. It's love. It's beauty. It's a path of who you are inside. Kaw is a game of lpve friendship and fun. The magic of poetry is where we made friends from the very beginning. A poet's heart doesn't need to rhyme just an open heart
  20. Rub a dub dub
    You are a scrub
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