🐙TFO is the Best EB. Change My Mind🐙

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  1. The Forgotten Ones is the best EB!


    You have to do all of possible actions, attack, assassinate, scout, steal, and use item, just to get to the main bar. It requires a little bit of planning, thinking, and team-work, too. Especially if you're also engaged in some farming.

    It's amazing and it's kind of ashame that it's the only one of its kind, to say it's a beginner EB.

    More fun ones like this, please.
  2. No, no, I agree. I've argued this since 2011. It's a perfect eb honestly.

    As far as I know, it's also the only player-named eb. There was a forum contest to submit names.
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  3. Yes! Not just me, then! Haha!
  4. I prefer Evanescence as my favorite eb, but TFO was the best eb to run before the repeat action button was created.
  5. The Barren Orchard. Tbh the entire Tier 7 is a blast to do. Very challenging regens. I remember hunting for the TGL bow back in the day when it was useful!
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  6. That bow!
    I was so satisfied to finally get it. It was like gold-dust, though, huh. haha
  7. I've asked to be a moderater
  8. Bruh evanescence is annoying af
  9. on a real one i actually agree with this lol it was a damn satisfying eb back in the day