🏆 July 2023 Meta Competitions 🏅

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  1. UPDATED: JULY 19TH, 2023 @ 12:00pm PT

    July 2023 Meta Competitions

    For the remaining duration of July, we will be running meta competitions — from Wednesday, July 12th to Wednesday, August 2nd, 2023 at noon Pacific Time!

    Meta Competitions are a series of competitions that feed into the progress of other competitions.
    To earn points, you will need to perform eligible actions WITHIN the duration that the competition instance is running.

    The first instances for each competition are as follows (noon PT):
    • PVP Competition — 1:00 PM
    * PVE Competition — 4:00 PM
    • DAILY Competition — 12:00 PM

    Competition Breakdown

    Certain competitions require the completion of other competitions in order to gain progress!

    DAILY Competition (1-day long)
    • (Optional) Complete PVP Competitions and collect the PVP Token
    • (Optional) Complete PVE Competitions and collect the PVE Token

    DAILY Competition Streak (7-days long)
    Progress for this competition resets every 7 days — you must complete 7 daily competitions and collect the token before time runs out!
    • Complete Daily Competitions and collect the Daily Token

    PVP Competition Leaderboard (21-days long)
    This competition tracks the number of PVP Competitions you’ve completed.
    • Complete PVP Competitions and collect the PVP Token

    DAILY Competition Leaderboard (21-days long)
    This competition tracks the number of Daily Competitions you’ve completed.
    • Complete Daily Competitions and collect the Daily Token

    Additionally, we will be running a competition for the number of wars won! A War Token will be awarded to active participants on a winning team:

    Wars Competition Leaderboard (21-days long)
    This competition tracks the number of Wars you’ve won.
    • Collect the War Token from winning wars.


    INTRODUCING: Crafting Box, Royal Crafting Box, Daily Rewards Chest, and Gobblyn’s Palace Furnishings Chest!
    These rewards are currently exclusive to the July 2023 Meta Competitions:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Crafting Box and Royal Crafting Box

    Daily Rewards Chest

    Gobblyn’s Palace Furnishings Chest

    Additionally, two pieces of equipment exclusive to the PVP Competition Leaderboard and War Competition Leaderboard:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Please note that these pieces of equipment are not trade-able as equipment or charms.

    Competitions Update - July 19th, 2023

    Thank you to everyone who reached out with their feedback regarding the final leaderboard mechanics. We hear you, and wanted to make sure this new competition worked well for everyone.

    We will be adding an additional token that will be counted towards the Daily Leaderboard competition.

    Enchanted Token

    Enchanted Tokens can be obtained by acquiring 100x Enchanted Shards through completion of various daily activities. These activities can include things like reaching higher competition tiers and top 10 competition placements.

    Enchanted Shard

    Every Enchanted Token collected will grant you an extra point in the Daily Competition Leaderboard.

    The change/addition to the Daily Leaderboard Competition and the rewards for PVE Competition and PVP Competition will go live at around Wednesday, July 19th at noon PT.

    - This will apply to competitions from July 19th at noon PT forward. We will not be issuing any compensations for past competitions.
    - You will need to reinstall the KaW app to see and have these changes reflected on your device.

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  2. How to get pvp token?
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  3. The PvP specific competition has just started! Reward for the Tier 3 includes the PvP token. The PvE token will be available from the PvE competition, first one in 3 hours.
  4. I dislike that the pvp and pve are only for two hours. So for people that are busy during those times are just screwed.
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  5. Not community friendly at all.
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  6. Why aren't they tradeable? Are the events at the same time each day?
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  7. Boo this new format. Competitions immediately prior were better than this.
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  8. Rewards are dog crap. Get a clue devs.
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  9. So what are these pve/pvp tokens for ? Do we get to send them at the end of event ?
  10. So, currently, almost everyone is on 3 daily tokens.

    How is the top 1 to 50 going to be separated if we all finish on the same number of daily tokens?

    Surely someone who finishes #500 but with the same amount of tokens as #1 should get the same reward at the end, as they've collected the same amount of daily tokens.
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  11. Thank you Devs for something new, I do feel the rewards for streaks being nob boxes takes away the achievements and feels like just paying for something with extra steps and effort involved. But I am sure you will be keeping an eye on it and making changes as competitions progress
  12. Is on a first come, first served basis…whoever the fastest finish and collect the reward will get the top spot, be on time and give your best shot while tapping :)
  13. Hi everyone,

    There is a small update to the original post regarding competitions that will be in effect after July 19th, 2023 12 noon PT! Please see above :)

    Happy KaW'ing ❤️
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  14. So,,, the new update to fix the 500 way tie is out and all we have to do is “reinstall” the app ? Will that trigger the useless and cumbersome 2FA again ?
  15. If I reinstall app will it log me out??? I don’t have 2FA…
  16. So all that work I spent this last week doesn't count towards this?
    Wasted effort on my part.
  17. After testing the question Re: 2FA, deleting and reinstalling does not require 2FA again … UNTIL you log out, then any accts you had previously verified on the same device, has to be reverified - not after 30 days as Devs said, presumably because the verification previously done was stored in the “deleted” app data?

    So, that answers some questions down the line - what happens when the Kaw glitch hits and the help desk’s solution is delete and reinstall. Be prepared to reverify over again.
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  18. Will I still get the extra tokens if I don't reinstall? It's just I won't be able to see them in competition rewards?