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  1. A wild frog appears

    Here you go good buddy..

  2. Did frog get a gender change? Is that why he has been so quite? He was in recovery??? Or is this the frog po channel????
  3. I remember frogs thread that got deleted awhile ago...

    Something about nice underwear, and not at all the people wearing it.
  4. I could just stare at that gif all day.
  6. Those are great gifs, boys.
  7. I heard he's over there talking to his overblown ego about winning all the asw. He's gonna be there for a while.
  8. I have a frog named Frog.
    The frog croak everyday.
    I cannot stand it.
    So I kill it.

    The conclusion is Frog is dead.
  9. Much poetic. Very wow. So impress.

    10/10, would cry again.
  10. BumpING so we can search high and low for ole amphibian boy. Where ya at froggie
  11. You need to post pics of hot asians if you want to summon Frog.

  12. Ok. I have summoned him
  13. The only frog I know is pepe the frog
  14. Frog owed me 20 babies, so i killed it as it refused to pay up

    ( . )( . )

  15. I remember my first time
  16. I heard he was breaking tou and was banned from what he did ... I've also heard Obama is more black then white so who knows