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  1. He is doing fine. Have you seen the force awakens consider him Luke skywalker and your his daughter? Well we don't know really haven't read the books or seen the next ep . He is waiting for you in the first temple now go find him Eden.

    Acctually the frog is live and kicking .
  2. try it?

  3. Is this what the employee of the month looks like in WarLor?..

    Did Frog do something naughty in WarLor and being punished?.. Or did he eat some bad sushi and rolling with montezuma's revenge?..
  4. Do I look like someone who knows how to post booby pics?
  5. Frog got finally caught by Venus!

    Payback for sexist booby obsession.

  6. he's in the clink for getting caught with a prostitoad!
  7. Who cares
  8. He's probably trolling forum noobs in smash

  9. Well. He always posts something distasteful against me every time he sees me on a thread. Perhaps that will lure him out

    Insert insults
  10. Thanks Panda.. I think may be he's auditioning for the next Star Wars movie.. Some sort of a Frog rebel commander.. Hey they had Calamari right?

  11. He didnt make it
  12. Omg that is so funny
  13. Or you could post something about ee war timea being crappy lol
  14. Making Frog appear requires more bountiful breasts.

    Oh, and I got a bit of Jungle fever these days boys some some naughty pics of Serena Williams would do fine.
  15. Ermagherd! It's kermit!
  16. OT, but nice to see you around George.

  17. whatever floats your boat i guess
  18. boats your float*
  19. Your boat floats*