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  1. WHERE IS FROG!?...

    Did some chick kiss him and turned him into a prince?

    Is he touring with One Direction?

    Did Justin Bieber hire him as a pool boy?

    Did he join Zaft?

    Is he in a North Korean prison?

    Did he go to US to become a super PAC cold caller?

    Help me find him please..I kinda miss his posts and threads and his "fans" responding to him..

    Does anyone know where he is?..
  2. This will lure him out for sure.

  3. He has left the internet for good.
  4. Is he like Beetlejuice?.. You post 3 booby pics and he shows up?
  5. Actually, he was selected by NASA to be a Mars colonist. He's in Houston, TX right now, training for his long journey.

    They keep him pretty busy.
  6. Let's try,

    Frog, frog FROG
    do you see him yet

    Ashes you'll have to try with the boobies wolfie has none
  7. This..:

    Or maybe he's just taking a break
  8. So that's what I heard on my morning commute.. My poor tire.

  9. Secret NASA Sailor Mars programme?
  10. Hope he ain't dead 
  11. You mean the original Frog or the guy with the dots and dashes on his prefix and suffix

    The original Frogs I think went to Voodoo. He was in Kings of War and a real nice guy.

    Don't know the other one much
  12. Oops Outlawz. Well close One of those very old clans.
  13. Either

    He's in hiding cuz someone looking for his delicious, tasty legs...nom nom nom

    Or he's recovering in hospital, meaning he was at a party, passed out and woke up in a bath tub to find his legs missing
  14. I think he's probably in a pond somewhere in Canada.
  15. I heard he croaked..........

  16. Hahahahahahahahahaha
  17. Well played.
  18. He's a toad now