Wolfies new found chew toy

Discussion in 'Wars' started by WOLFIE, Jul 13, 2014.

  1. * the filtered word was circ umstances
  2. Let me add wolfy is a war runner
  3. And now a known pedo and a creep
  4. And he lacks balls too
  5. If you would be so kind to point out which war

    I appear to not know what war you are talking about ;)
  6. It really shows how butthurt you are, calling someone a fatty, you know. RL should never be brought into KaW
  7. Butthurt - easily offended when one takes something too personally

    Statless alt you have trash talk and butthurt mixed up if you had some sense you'll see it's a play on with the word skinny
  8. You idiot lmfao. I dont think you offend anyone. Your username is 'Woifie'. Stop being an attention whore, No one cares.
  9. Maybe you need to learn how to read. I clearly have stats. Statless: Without stats.
  10. Statless - someone whom is hardly any stats and is unable to be hit by anyone, typically less than 200 k
  11. You certainly have a knack for bringing idiots outa the woodwork 
  12. Tell me about it :lol:

    I don't know how I do it must be the aftershave I use :/
  13. Wow, over react much 
  14. Dont use aftershave on your family jewels, it BURNNNSSS!
  15. Wow. Wolfy the creep is back again.
  16. Never did say what war I ran from salty must me another one of your ******** :)
  17. Saltyfeet <3 eggplants.

    Cool thread.
  18. Bahahaha now wolfy is all butthurt and scouting me non stop
  19. Im tempted to kick his ass but then if i do he will surely have something to do in rl