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  1. Update: Story posted below. ✌️

    Hi All,

    I will be posting a werewolf short story inspired by our new forumer Suzanne and her really good and controversial werewolf love story set that was around recently..

    I will wait till the moon comes out over here..

    Suzanne, I really really enjoyed your story and hope that you can adjust your style just slightly so that your amazing imagination and storytelling shines through to the broader audiences. ️

    (I know, never tell an artist what to do with their art.. But it will be much easier to read and enjoy if you break into smaller paragraphs)

    See you soon when the howling starts tonight..

  2. The train from Margate was late.

    What was scheduled to arrive at dusk will now be past midnight, The man in the heavy coat thought with unease.

    Should have brought more men.. His thoughts tailed as he gestured one of his men to stoke more logs into the fireplace in the old hall of the train station.

    The fresh mix of Hawthorn and Beech logs from the surrounding forests crackled and started to give the scent that reminded him of the warm family holidays his father and two brothers used to have.

    His father whose recently dead body still lay back at the estate not far from the station.

    May be we will all meet again one more time.

    The man shivered as though the warmth of the fire was not reaching him. For comfort, he instinctively reached for his father's cavalry sabre underneath his coat and slowly unsheathed it.

    The delicate silver blade had small dimples from the hammering of the bladesmith, and it shone softly in the light of the amber fires.

    His older brother had always dismissed the sabre as an archaic weapon but he had learned and perfected its skills and his father had proudly passed it onto him even when the father was alive.

    Save for his younger brother, the man thought with a heavy heart.. The one who is a weapon in himself..

    May be we will all meet again one last time.

    "Forgive me Mena.." The man whispered to himself and thought of the woman he loved, the woman who chose his younger brother as he sheathed the silver sword back in.


    The rhythmic side motion of the steam train gently swayed it's two passengers in a private car

    An impeccably dressed man in an all black attire scanned the countryside with his thin cold eyes and brief glimpses of the steam locomotive in sections where the track curved.

    Across him sat a man in an officer uniform from a far flung expeditionary force of the empire.

    They sat silently. The man in black glancing at the ever darkening skies of purple and ink blue. His steely gaze searching for the moon, a familiar travelling companion of this world that would soon rise up in the skies.

    And perhaps.. Perhaps a companion not of this world would come out along with it.

    "This cold night.. will turn us all to fools and madmen"

    The Officer spoke softly as he reached into his holster and drew a large caliber revolver out.

    He unfurled a cleaning kit and opened the cylinder of the gun to slowly but methodically clean the chambers.

    The man in black followed suit and took out his revolver. In the dimly lit chambers of the coach, he reached into his leather bag and brought out a small mahogany box and opened it on the table between him and the officer.

    The clouds parted and a soft light from the far away full moon streamed silently into the room.

    Bathing in the light were the now opened contents of the box.

    The man in black reached in and picked one of the bullets that shone with a silvery sheen in the glow of the moon.

    He chambered the bullets with gentle care.

    They had never needed many bullets to act their course. For the many men and beasts that he and the officer felled during their times throughout the empire had given them the patience, skill and ruthless accuracy in their shots.

    Nevertheless, each loaded their chambers fully..

    "I am so sorry Mena.." The man in black closed his eyes and thought of the woman he loved, the woman who chose his youngest brother, as the cylinder full of soft silver bullets snapped back into the revolver with the finality of a metallic click.

    "This cold night.. will turn us all to fools and madmen"

    The wise and warm final warning implied in the quotation that the officer used was not lost on the man in black.

    But his father is now dead. And the thin truce in the blood feud among men and men.. and men and beasts.. was over.

    All he wanted now.. was Mena back.

    His thin eyes scanned the outside world of dappled moonlit forest and looked to the officer.

    He acknowledged and replied with a quote in a steely tone..

    "With eyeless rage, catch in their fury and make nothing of;

    Strives in his little world of man to outscorn

    The to-and-fro-conflicting wind and rain.

    This night, wherein the cub-drawn bear would couch, the lion and the belly-pinched wolf

    Keep their fur dry, unbonneted he runs,

    And bids what will take all...."


    A soft thud on the roof of the coach was felt amid the shrieking whistles of the train..

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