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  1. The Taco.
  3. Has anyone suggested a goldfish I can't remember
  4. I wish icould be an....ashes of eden! Just to b cool
  5. The prince of failed trolls has arrived.
  6. I wish I could be salty's feet..
  7. I wanna be the cheetah on your moms cheetah print panties
  8. I wanna be a walnut
  9. A Liger

    Half Lion Half Tiger

    All Awesome
  10. A gorilla black hand so I can be a BH and be cool and sag my pants.
  11. And scare white girls away.
  12. The Immortal Jellyfish was what I was thinking of. :)
  13. The male blue whale has a member almost two meters long. Nuff said.
  14. Considering blue whales are around 24 metres long, and a human male is around 1.75m tall, both species "member" is about 8% their total length.
  15. Screw animals
    I wanna be a chair
  16. Animals? ... Are Pokémon animals? •-•
    That silly notion aside, I'd want the wings of a Griffon for flight (because the air is so free and calming), ears of a rabbit (for style points... And they look cute o.o) , and tail of a wolf (for extra balance since I can be really, really clumsy in my balance).

    It's not overkill >^>
  17. Huh. No hot girl. Is this an imposter?
  18. I think iguana has the best abilities .

    Blending to anything.
    Having a tongue. That can reach out and grab what it wants 
  19. 
  20. Broly's, his power is maximum