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  1. I want the abilities of a gorilla 

    Fling my poo at people two miles away with such strength. Climb skyscrapers and fight of attack planes like a boss. :lol:
  2. A bear dog. Because i can poop in the wild, and still live in a house.
  3. Pooping in public ability
  4. A monkey not only are they smart , but they are naturals at parkour 
  5. It's like asking to be a unicorn they are both fiction 
  6. Boringgg

    ^^^^^^^^Just Checking a BB Code
  7. I forgive Vulture.. One because he's a vulture.. Two he's dirty.. Must be related to Larry
  8. An obvious one would be to take a birds flying power, so I won't use that.

    Being able to squirt water out like an elephant would be cool.

    This one is for sure i would grab, along with other people I imagine. There is a species of jellyfish that is immortal.
  9. I wanna be a polar bear because they are white
  10. I wanna be a panda cos they are Chinese
  11. Yet to see anyone beat DoDo bird
  12. Technically Kogeki, they regress back to childhood then regrow over and over again. But hey, that's cool too.
  13. Smaug, *ALMOST* inpenetrable hide and incredibly hot fire…

    Of course, if you mean real life animals, human…
  14. Screw animals
    I wanna be a sponge

  15. Flight and speed would be awesome ... Basically a Griffin if it were a real animal
  16. Sponges are animals
  17. The ability to breathe fire like a dragon
  18. Has anyone suggested a goldfish ?
  19. Hmmm being thinking of an animal and I want to be a goldfish