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  1. OK.. First off.. This is NOT a Unicorn or Brony RP thread.. Please go join some RP clans like MG for that..


    What kind of capabilities, features, traits etc from the animals that you would like to have!??

    Here's a few to get started..

    Dung Beatles can pull more than 1000 times their weight.. Yea!!!! ... Mind you, they usually use it to move Dung..

    Turtles can breath out of their butt.. Yea!!! I so want to breathe out of my butt

    Certain penguins give a pebble to their mate as their symbol of love.. Yea!!! I SO want to give a pebble to my potential mate.. Diamonds are overrated..

    Certain slugs shoot calcium darts with hormones to potential mates to get them in the mood..Yea!!!.. This totally beats cheesy pickup lines..

    Certain tapeworms have both male and female organs.. No Thanks..

    Seaturtles can "go at it" for up to 12! Hours!.. Omg! I can barely do 10 minutes (did I just say that out loud?)

    A Chameleon's tongue can be twice the length of its body.. Oh yea!

    Water Boatman can make 99 decibel sounds with its ahem member to attract mates.. Yea!!! I want my member to be louder than a Rock Concert when I'm trying to attract mates too..

    Feel like making love!!? - Bad Company

    Suggest away!!!!

    *I will farm any Unicorn RP behaviours!!!!
  2. I want the ability to lick my own balls like a dog
  3. The ability to hibernate, screw you winter
  4. The cheetah - Speed.
    Cats - retractable claws - Wolverine
  5. A daphnia, so I can be both an endangered and an invasive genus at the same time.
  6. Water basilisks can actually run across water, I want to be like Jesus

    Birds have wings and can fly, make me more like chuck Norris

    The whale has the largest genitalia of any mammal

    Kangaroos cannot jump backwards but they have pouches, I want a pouch, for snacks.
  7. Ever heard of a water bear?

    I want to be practically indestructible like a water bear.
  8. -I flip my luscious unicorn horn in the wind as my pearly mane sparkles-
  9. Arcanicus... Go play unicorn hop scotch
  10. -I hop on pme leg like a butterfly... then I realize I am a horse with a toilet paper roll duct taped to my forehead and I fall to the ground-
  11. Errr.. so you wish to a rank?

    Abilities... I wanna be a Dragon
    Hard scales, Sharp Teeth, breathes fire, Retractable claws, flight
    Some can talk English.. the possibilities are just to numerous to count!
  12. Screw animals!

    Make me an archaea!
  13. I know eh! I have even seen a dragon that talks like Sean Connery!.. That'll get the ladies
  14. I wanna be a pony! :D
  15. Flight ...like birds (so I can take a crap on all of you)
  16. Most forum trolls are archaeas!
  17. Devon.. What EXACTLY do you like about the pony?.. (I am not sure if I want to hear the answer) but hey I'm curious
  18. I want to have a horn like a unicorn so I can fit into the unicorn rp community better
  19. I wanna be a Liam Neeson 
  20. The ability to face my enemies and defend the ones that I love.