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  1. I got 46... im a eThug lolz
  2. Not enough pictures and gifs....I think this is a front to the mafia...ashes would never post a thread without pics and gifs
  3.  love ya ashes 
  4. G) I make my lands look pretty. The level 1 doesn't have enough pink for me

    G) whatever I got. Trying to keep it balance because who knows when I might get hit but on the weak side because of being inactive for 3 years

    G) I only ever had one account. Because it's crazy enough dealing with only one account

    G) who even looks at tags? Just hit.

    G) who's naked? I like naked

    G) same as we do every night. Pinky. Try to take over the world

    G) all of the guides

    G) join and make new friends and win the eb with time to spare because of posting random things in wc to draw people's attention to the clan and even offering role play and other desirable things

    G) some people thought it was exotica and it may have offended some people but others thought it was a leaving thread. And I never got to read all the comments

    G) to be left alone and be able to hit ebs in peace and make it more sociable on kaw. As well as to waste free time I got

    Can you please give me a point system or does this just mean I'm a G?
  5. Ashes you'll need a new category for Wolfie alone, for he is WOLFIE :p

    And no other is like him
  6. I got 69... I think I won kaw . I'm now the KoKaW
  7. Question: Your favourite EB is:

    A) 20 min LOTL with my LB buddies

    B) HTE trains

    C) Clan hopping big event EB's to keep the item drops maximized

    D) BL is my EB

    E) Haunt, cos I can quickly unload both bars and go back to playing AJ's World domination RP game

    F) I solo'ed Warbeasts

    G) LOTL when my stats are 60M


    If you answered:

    A) OCD Hoarder, B) ADHD hoarder, C) Hipster Nerd, D) eThug, E) RP Creep, F) Noob, G) Masochist
  8. Thank god question 10D is worth 4 points or I may actually have scored a 0
  9. 4… and I do solo warbeasts quite often 
  10. Nice, Ashes! Entertaining as usual.

    ...but I know my personality already. #AwesomeAF
  11. So... Is it a toaster each time or just for the first time?
  12. 56 sounds accurate enough.
  13. Lol, game nerd, :lol:.

    I loloed way too much at all F) options, lmfao!!!!!!!!, :lol:.

  14. Lol! I got 69, too, :lol:.

  15. Well, I'm keeping a spot at Fix with not even 50 Mcs so I must be a masochist, :lol: (also did asof with an alt when it was 8 Mcs. Deff masochistic). But I also proudly soloed warbeast @x-yahoo-x, .
  16. Youre missing a question about ee, pls make one, :lol:.