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  1. Wow glenn. An edited photo without dates n times, your living up to your wormy heritage. Im flattered you went that far, but you see I still have a clan . And wait , yours. Vanished
  2. Lol glenn yes we needed the cf, Okay joking aside I didnt get one incoming all war.
  3. All msb stay off this forum cf demands were met. Good luck in kaw.
  4. Admitting you exploited.. that's a change.
  5. Request for thread to be locked, clan is no longer around.. Thank u taco .. MSB please stay off thread..

    Magic Spank Bank
  6. This is getting a bit off topic...

    It's a recruitment thread, not a war thread
  7. Why did worms disband?
  8. I disbanded it for a reason
  9. No , the clan that naked made , why was it disbanded?
  10. Oh I dnot know, they didn't listen to meh when I said you can't rebuild
  11. Werm. Fir. Lyf.

    Wuwuh! daz wud im talkin bout
  12. Disbanded..again
  13. Thanks for letting us know, you irrelevant toss.
  14. Works CF'ed I ain't a worm. Where's my inc? I expect this to last until I leave the game. ️
  15. Wormies still here lol
  16. Siberia was better than this.
  17. Support if this involves Val. If it doesn't,....

    What's the point?
  18. If u play KAW ur a newb. #vivesiberia
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.