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  1. Dont lose your first EE war and disband now...lol

    ༅༜།།༼Щ32.SǪLΞЖPVVФЯM༽།། ༅
  2. Good luck to Val, much respect for him 
  3. I took no part in the re opening of worms
  4. Val no worm no more.

    Dont believe there are worms anymore. Just a group of old worms that love being together and having a fun filled cc.
  5. ༅༜།།༼Щ32.SǪLΞЖPVVФЯM༽།། ༅
  6. I remember fighting worms, ruined my day every time xD
  7. No worms but there are GHSTS
  8. But you were mentioned... in the thread
  9. We paid tribute to his great leadership in the past, we did not state he was joining us in this endeavor.
  10. Bump.

    Because VVorm.

    Tl;Dr? = p:XX.
  11. 

    Get used to seeing us

  12. 
  13. Op has left the clan already ? Doesnt look like it was a successfull re- opening sadly
  14. Naked when are you gonna grow?
  15. There goes our apple supply
  16. I remember the rivalry with Wolves Reborn... good times :lol:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.