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  1. ༅༜།།༼Щ32.SǪLΞЖPVVФЯM༽།། ༅
  2. awesome !!! where do I sign up >>>>
  3. We is back
  4. So how would a virus live in the RAM?
    The RAM is cleared when the computer shuts off. It's only temporary flash memory.
    How would it stay on there?
  5. Worms won't survive without VAL
  6. I support. I will be coming when my hte pass expires to help, maybe perm. WAR is gooooood!!!
    Autocorrect was going to change gooooood to Filipinos! 
  7. Tc thats what you think but i will prove it wrong 
  8. Support.

  9. Kewl beens
  10. Can't wait to see them shut down again and scatter then Val will use 15 accounts on one person for 6 months cause he's da best leader everrrrrr.
    Noooooo support
  11. I'll pop some anniversary fireworks into ya later Andrew I got 400 to use lmfao.

    My 15 accs still kicked andrews bum cuz his clans a bunch of downies
  12. ༅༜།།༼Щ32.SǪLΞЖPVVФЯM༽།། ༅
  13. Support to my worm friends
  14. Ahhhh the wormsss yess... Yesss... I remember the worms.
  15. Huehuehehehuehuehue
  16. We are the wormzzz watch us on your news feed on ee and osw !!!! Lmao
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.