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  1. Welcome back VVorms. The legend lives on. Support. 
  2. all who are interested follow me or ewok or gleen 
  3. Ashaya this is nothing like striptease, we know what we are doing we have been successful before and will be again.

    PrPrPrPr Brrrr Brrrr
  4. Lol it was more a jest at striptease pulling a stupid stunt than worms being snything like them lol.
  5. Are any of you from s1 or just living off old names
  6. support to worms
  7. Hi. Im W32_SQLE_WormllllIlIIIIIlllllI. #Worm.

    You lose.
  8. Got a space for me worms?
  9. @shogun look at our equip to see for yourself. I mean um, nah, we're all from late season 2 and are big noobs obviously.
  10. Support
  11. Stop just supporting and get your asses over here for this unlock party 
  12. Meh it's hard to see.. only one I see is Jac goodluck anyway
  13. Gotta love worms.
  14. Is Val running this show?

    If not...lol.
  15. ^ this isn't a show TNT.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.