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    The virus is back!

    Yesterday the w32.Sqle.worm virus infected the kaw servers for the second time. this time there is no stopping it, it will become bigger and more dangerous than ever before.
    We all knew the virus would return but nobody knew when, many dreaded the consequences, some tried to prevent it.

    Because the W32.SQLExp.Worm lives in memory only and isn’t written to disk, the virus definitions don’t identify this threat.


    A little bit of background information about us worms: We were a very prominent EE clan during seasons 1 and 2.

    While we went by many different clan names such as 404 Not Found, w32.SQLEXPWorm, Warthog Strafe Run, No Match Found, and Strike force, our objective was always the same. Win. Led by the ruthless leadership of Val, we did whatever it took to win. We strategized, we exploited, and some may say we cheated at times, but we were effective as a virus. During the time of Season 3, the worms broke up. A good amount quit, and the rest spread to safe havens across KaW, many times clustered together.We could not be kept separated for long. Known by friends for our great cc and rowdy members.

    The Worms are now opening our doors. We are looking for war builds, mainly SH and tanks. We will NOT consider you if you will not be 100% loyal to us, we will osw so don't apply unless willing to be hit and not run because of some inc, as we will accept nothing less. We shall spread across KaW again, as a virus reborn.

  2. i remember worms.

    no support.

    nah just kidding. good luck. give em hell.
  3. Nice thread
  4. Your information about viruses is a bit off, but otherwise a well written thread
  5. Hmu Hever 
  6. Support 
  7. ༅༜།།༼Щ32.SǪLΞЖPVVФЯM༽།། ༅
  8. I want to join, but not done becoming sh lol
  9. We are BACK!!!!!
  10. Ashaya you can join 

    Also anyone wanting to join please do now follow me to try and join I am permanently silenced.
  11. probably has that mad cow disease there..
  12. Support to the worms. May the worms infect the bots and kill their masters 
  13. ༅༜།།༼Щ32.SǪLΞЖPVVФЯM༽།། ༅
    ╟╼⃟☠⃝╾⃟╢ШΣ ΔRΣ THΣ ШΩRMS╟╼⃟☠⃝╾⃟╢
  14. Whut. Lul. You call yourself a virus! You are! Leave! Numbness Isle my pants.

    Good luck.
  15. Lol hopefully this doesn't end like strip tease, eh Hever?
  16. I'm highly interested,do we just apply or how can get confirmation if we're what your looking for?
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Not open for further replies.