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  1. 86 . Trump 2k16
  2. Even though trump is a hot head he is the best option for our situation. If Clinton gets in we will have at least 4 more years of Obama people getting killed in terrorist attacks and the country is gonna go downhill. I don't know how people think she will be a good president if she couldn't do a good job in the state department
  3. I vote for stabbing myself in the eyes with forks and then eating them as it becomes obvious that to secure the parties nomination for president you need to present yourself as either being radical left, or radical right, while moderate voters (middle) are not concentrated/organized enough (too spread out over views and candidates). So, now, unless you are far right or far left, you will be unhappy (the majority of us)
  4. Eric!?!?

    The "I went to Harvard and you're an idiot" king of trolls Eric?!
  5. I graduated Harvard with a 3.9, and am currently employed by two major consulting firms in [edited for TOU violation] - healthcare consulting for large employers (getting experience before applying to MBA school)
  6. I mean we can just write someone else in
  7. Saying 'murica when you talk about America is disrespectful.
    Americans respect the country that gives endless opportunity

    If you are not an American I can understand the jealous envy you fight with daily. We are the best in the world but respecting other countries is actually a good thing.

    I see people from other countries talk about the USA all the time.
    If you are not an American citizen why talk so much about us?
    Surely there is something in your own country you would like to discuss, is yours so boring?

    Remember the men and women who fell trying to make your country better..... if you don't know or understand that join your military and find a new respect for yourself, the people of your country and the world.
  8. --Chaos, am I not allowed to be interested in or discuss politics and policies of other countries? Guess 10s of thousands of US students should change their major including myself...
    Oh wait, we don't live in an isolated world, but a globalized one, in which each country and its specific policies and domestic leadership influence the world.
  9. Wall of text .. I'm voting for Bill (proxy)Hillary
  10. Foreign Policy Question: What would you do about Aleppo?

    A) I would stay away! It's highly contagious you know.

    B) The great president Regan once said "Carpet bombing is highly accurate.. The bombs always hit the ground"

    C) Tell them to chill out, or they won't get iPhone 7

    D) Ask the teachers in Turkey for advice

    E) The drones are the new boots on the ground baby

    Police Question: Which Cop movie is the model for the great America?

    A) Magnum Force

    B) RoboCop

    C) Blues Brothers

    D) Police Academy 1-12

    E) Supertroopers

    Gender tolerance question: Which is the greatest LGBT song?

    A) Relax by Frankie goes to Hollywood

    B) What is Love? By Haddaway

    C) I will survive by Gloria Gaynor

    D) Gimme Gimme Gimme (A man after midnight) by ABBA

    E) The Techno theme song from Mortal Kombat (oh you didn't see that one coming did ya!)

    Patriotism Question: Which food would you rename to make America great again?

    A) Chimichangas to Quarter Ass Pounder with Cheese

    B) Moo Shoo Pork to Mystery Dish

    C) Lamb Vindaloo to Lamb Vin Diesel

    D) Jaegermeister to Pantyremover

    E) Escargot to The other white meat

    Protest Question: Which song should be the new national anthem?

    A) O.P.P: Naughty by Nature

    B) We will Rock you: Queen

    C) Fortunate Son: CCR

    D) Kush: Dr Dre, Snoop, Akon

    E) All you need is love: Beatles

    *Ashes' Note: Feel free to replace any of the entries with insane in the brain by Cypress Hill

    Immigration Question: The Wall is:

    A) Something we will build to keep the Canadians like Justin Bieber and Celine Dion out

    B) Something the Chinese build long time ago to keep the Canadians like Drake and Carley Rae Japsen out

    C) Something the Soviet Union build to keep the Canadians like William Shatner and Leslie Nielsen out

    D) That street in NY where the top 10 percent holds 90 percent of the wealth

    E) A Pink Floyd Album

    National Security Question: What will be the name of the next KaW event?

    A) A Werewolf's Journey Part 1

    B) You can reset anytime you like, but you can never leave, part 1

    C) A flock of seagulls, or how I ran from osw

    D) Another Brick in the Wall: Part 2


    See OP for scoring.. ️
  11. No she will lie and let more Americans die without warning them or helping them aka Benghazi. She can't say she didn't know about it because she did know about it and just let them die. Atleast trump loves America just sayin. All these Hillary voters don't realize is that if they put her in office it will be another 4 years of Obama. What did he do hmmmmm lets see let terrorists attack us soil and no retaliation. There needs to be a retaliation otherwise they will keep doing it. If someone will let you do something u would keep doing it am I right or wrong? Yes I am right because no one will stop if someone lets them keep doing it. I'm not trying to say it as a military observation but common sense. Obviously the voters that voted for Obama and the ones that will vote for Hillary has no common sense.
  12. I gotta say one thing about Benghazi..

    In the movie "13 hours: Sercret Soliders of Benghazi", there was a scene (supposedly based on the real events) where the CIA operative calls for a flyby from the US aircraft..

    Link to "My Authority" scene

    That's the scene Hillary should watch..️
  13. I'm voting for Sky.
  14. If Hillary can't even satisfy her husband how can we expect her to satisfy our country?
  15. A liar vs a hothead idiot. Either way the american people lose
  16. More boob pics please ;-)
  17. Well let's do a simulation on what would happen if other leaders try to be the President of the United States of America.. Shall we?


    PROS: She will bring Amexit.. National Healthcare System.. And bespoke suits! It's about time Americans start dressing up.. Oh and JK Rawlings will make us all wizards!

    CONS: We will all be sipping tea with our pinkies up (Didn't US have a tea party a while ago?), have bad teeth, and boil every meat for food..

    The queen tellin Emma Watson, the new Secretary of State to sit straight..


    PROS: We will have a kickass banking system.. And even more kickass watches..

    CONS: We will be neutral and won't get to wup ass on anyone..where's the fun in that!!?


    PROS: We get ruled by a blonde Princess Leia.. (No.. No.. Hillary Clinton is more like Capt. Phasma). We will eat Caviar till we puke.. Oh and we would just disarm our nukes.. No need for nukes when you have The Force?

    CONS: Putin will claim Georgia is actually part of their Georgia and annex


    PROS: All you can eat Kim-Chee, you get to shoot a medium range nuke rocket on the forth of July... And K-Pop

    CONS: Wait till his police pulls you over!

    Yes.. Yes.. My Tae-Po-Dong is activated to launch


    PROS: We will all be driving Porsches and open carry Glockenspiels

    CONS: We will also get the return of the Hoff

    I'll be ready.. I'll be ready


    PROS: Notice me Sempai!! For starters, we get Super Mario, Pikachu and Godzilla in the senate.. Like how u gonna top that!?

    CONS: You get shoved into the subway car. Karaoke singing is mandatory

    Hey hey.. Are those guns registered?


    Spangled gowns upon a bevy of high browns
    From down the levee, all misfits
    Putin on the ritz

    Ok.. Watching that gif just made me throw up and I lost all my focus (or was it the pic before that)..

    Either way, I present to you, the best non-American candidate for the president of the US..

    Ladies and Gentlemen..


    PROS: Free healthcare, everyone become very polite, drink decent beers, and be overall cool Canadians like Ashes..

    CONS: You have to watch Hockey... And Justin Bieber (Wait, you kinda already do that)

    There you have it folks!.. Vote wisely!️
  18. I'm in the basket as Hillary so eloquently juxtaposed anyone voting against her .
    Trump maybe flawed, brash, but Hillary will lie to your face to get her way. It's what the clintoons do, misspell intended.
    We need a strong America a America that has a border , a America that has jobs , a America that once again protect its people and the constitution. I was on the fence but after what she said. I'm firmly for trump. Make America great again. The liberals can move to Canada, I'll chip in the bus fare.