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  1. Not to diss the Americans, but the dropping of the A-Bomb was not a matter of self defense as it was a demonstration to the world ( specifically Russia) they had arrived as a world power. Given the fact that 60 years ago the world was a much more racist place as well, there was also a desire to punish and seek revenge on Japan. In their minds a world with fewer yellows was a better world. While it may be hard for Americans in this day and age to accept it, the truth is at the time Asians were considered a lesser race by most Americans.
  2. Shut yo mouth the gods have spoken
  3. And vice versa. We are the white devils. And equally looked down upon. Asian racism against other Asians is proof enough. Or should I call it bigotry.

    Japan was actually the first Asian country invited in to the world power club. The white navy. The US and UK prohibited Japan from building a navy equivalent to our own. Which lead to a lot of animosity. Japan decided, much like Germany to build super ships to compensate. That ended in disaster. It's actually interesting. The size and scale of the ships are still unequaled if I'm not mistaken.
  4. Japan put it's mark on every treaty from the early 20th century until the start of the Second World War. Including the fracturing Middle East, or the Ottoman Empire. They were a great power.
  5. When you go back into time a little bit and take a look at old propaganda. You see similar terms being used. It's not hard to understand the cultural impact Japan has tried to make in the US.

    Kind of similar to the Chinese Maoist movements during Vietnam. Obvious Chinese influence.
  6. Yea I was having Pho the other day and had a sweet and sour chicken piece in there and I thought "That's definitely a Maoist influence on Vietnam!"..

    Ofcourse I was at the food court so I didn't mind a little mixing..
  7. Oh I just love my really bad jokes
  8. Anyway. It's time to move past 20th century politics. If we keep fighting each other over the past. Every country will be fighting until the end of this planet.

    I can not think of a country that hasn't been to war. Hasn't been nationalistic, hasn't been bigoted or racist.

    Few examples exist maybe a lone country in South America. A neutral country in Europe.

    Every race of people has displayed racism and bigotry. Against theirselves and others.

    The threat America presented was a United White Race. Where the conflicts of Europe didn't apply. White people are no more war like than Asians, or Africans. No more warlike than natives of America. Who hold their own wars and conflicts. Committed their own acts of violence with no assistance.

    No more evil than natives of South America who fought and warred each other. Sacrificing each other to gods.

    History. If you want to move on. Forget it.
  9. Lol white Devils? Gotta love selective history. Most Japanese have a big inferiority complex towards westerners. After all, you dominated the world, didn't you?

    As for a history lesson, in 1920 Japan introduced a measure in the League of Nations stating that all races would be consider equal. The measure was rejected by Europe and America.

    Only Caucasians believe that garbage that other races are just as racist as them.

    On a side note, you would be hard pressed to find a young Japanese who hates a Korean. Korean pop culture is hugely popular here with its stop stars making more money here than they would in Korea.

    The only people who talk about hate are the old fossils that run most of asia's governments.
  10. Seems to me hydra is just spouting off crap from the top of his head without a shred of evidence.
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  12. Who's winning 

    Seriously though the US is looked n relied upon to be the police for the western world. Hardly fair but thats the territory a mighty military has forced upon it. Putin flexes his muscles flauntingly. I view it as a total disregard for the Ukraine n its citizens. His motives r unacceptable to any rational thinker n only serves him to dominate n oppress others. Its an obvious challenge to the US n its allies.