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  1. Not at all i fill in the gaps of your ignorance.
    The whole truth n nothing but the truth.
    Got that that from US tv

    With see the ability that negotiations r viable n not warfare as the only option.
  2. Reply to post about Japan. You started the conversation about Japan. Finish it

    You are all over the place. Your arguments could only be valid on a kids game. If you want a adult setting debate let me know. I'm guessing you will not post anything on a real debate forum.
  3. Japan is not absolved of their history nor how they they treated ppl of other nations. The Imperialist govt was doomed to fail n history has noted that. As did all other empires have died off where it was inevitable.
  4. Each one of your post is worthy of its own thread. And can't be debated in a couple post.

    Which is why I'm assuming you are posting in this manner.

    Immature of you sir
  5. As for any NATO sanctioned intervention i abide with their choice as being a Canadian n accepting were a part of NATO.
    Therefore any action against Russia by NATO i will support. Infamy can be found everywhere if one is open minded n searches for it.

    FYI i know of no nation that is perfect n will not claim nor recognize any r. Canada included.
  6. I'm done. Talk with the kids. You can't hold attention to one topic. Have a good night.
  7. I can multi task on many levels n present all facts i know of n also stand to be corrected as well.
    Denial is denial enough said.
    I state what i believe r the facts taught to me n learn even more when corrected.
  8. As a Canadian. You have no right to point figures over US treatment of natives. Especially since to this day natives are going missing in Canada.

    Work on your own country before you point fingers. As in you personally. Not your fellow citizens. Who you obviously do not represent.

    I don't even believe Canada would produce some one like you. I don't believe you are from Canada.
  9. No worries..we have our issues n u have yours.
    Canada is not squeaky clean by any means.
    I doubt u know where Canada is on a map.
  10. Heres a question. Why do you think America dropped the bombs on Japanese cities specifically. If the point was to scare them into submission, then dropping them anywhere the Japanese would have ringside seats to would have done that. On an empty bit of countryside, off the coast of Tokyo. On a military fleet at sea. It would have been an overwhelming display of force that would have worked whether on civilians or not.
    It seems a bit macabre to do in a city without warning like that. Then do it again soon after! A successful tactic to be sure, just perhaps, an unnecessary one.
  11. My point exactly
    Preferable over genocide
  12. Except it wasn't a genocide. It was an act of total war. The figures the us and allies had for the invasion of Japan were simply horrifying to the various military planners and political leaders. They expected millions of deaths both in allied forces and Japanese civilians following the events on Iwo Jima Saipan and other islands.
    Was the dropping of the nuclear weapons bad ? Yes, It was as bad as the bombing of Dresden, Coventry, the deaths in the Warsaw ghetto, the tens of thousands of murders in Nanking Shanghai Burma, the Bataan death march, the slaughter of prisoners by NKVD and FEMPOS, the mass sexual assaults by rampaging red army and axis forces across Eastern Europe, the biological experiments in Belsen or the comfort women in china and Korea.
    There is no limit to the horrors inflicted in WW2 by most combatants all to often on civilians or prisoners by some.
    That said very rarely did civilians look at the uniforms of the US gi's or British empire tommies and think that they had new cause to fear.
  13. Here some info on the convey.

    The convey is made up of troops from the 3rd squadron, 2nd cav. Accompanied by the 12th combat aviation.

    They are part of Operation Atlantic Resolve. Moving though Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Latvia and Czech Republic.

    They will return back to Rose Barracks in Vilseck, Germany.

    They group is part of the larger build up of NATO forces in the region.

    Obviously the nation bordering Russia and Ukraine feel a threat. With the current events in Russia now, it may be a threat realized.

    There is a build up of security forces in Moscow. Blackout at the Kremlin. And Putin hasn't been seen in over a week. Something is going on since the assassination Nemtsov on Feb. 27. Exactly what is happening isn't known by the general public. Rumors upon rumors is all we have.
  14. Ty for the update
  15. Also I want to add. These debates about the past won't change anything. The military has the full support of the states armed citizenry.

    5th columnist types are beating a dead horse here. We will do what we have to do in worse case scenario.

    Thank you have a nice day.

    5th columnist
    A clandestine subversive organization working within a country to further an invading enemy's military and POLITICAL AIMS.
  16. A paranoiac outlook imbedded by brainwashing

    Look no further than gun related murders n prisons n incarcerations of industrialized nations per capita n see what a weaponized citizenry has produced. Only know what has been taught simply put a product of one's own environment. Furthermore not universally accepted in the least.

    Last point n i'm done....
    I will walk the street unarmed n feel safe n secure at any time of day. U be sure to arm up on the way to the corner store.

    Have a nice day
  17. Lol. You are insane. The US has 100 million gun owners. The crazy types are extreme right wing militias. The ones who don't realize any American that needs a gun. Has one already. The ones who worry about ammo supplies.

    The extreme right wingers are anti government. They make up a small fraction of gun owners. If they have a issue. It will be dealt with, with prejudice. The extreme left wing. We have seen those lately. They will be dealt with in a similar manner. If they act on the talk they do.

    The 100 million number is a low ball estimate. The true number is unknown.

    You can spit all the anti-American propaganda you like. That's what you are doing. It doesn't make a bit of difference. We have the numbers. We have the military. We have the resolve.
  18. And that's it. Worse case scenario. World war. Worse case scenario. It's not a everyday policy. Or state of mind.
  19. So yeah. It's seems you ability to recognize readiness and preparation from paranoia as been skewed somehow.

    Which is probably why you shouldn't poke around in the politics of other countries, when you yourself are part of a small minority.

    Their is a big difference between you and posters like Black-Dragon. He has a political foot to stand on. Your political standing represents the views of foreign powers more or less. Based in facts and reality.

    It's not democrats versus republicans. That's handled in a totally different way. It's us. All of us. Not being a citizen of the United States I don't think you would understand.
  20. Lol @ nighthawk and hydra trying to have a battle of witsit's like watching the special Olympics.