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  1. N many died before the US entered WW II.
    Funny how US history never educates how the US economies recover after both WW's.
    Profiteers helped the Axis

    Exterminating civilians is still extermination.
    Who can side they would be right to be proud about that?
  2. You are right. The USA is the cause of world war 2. Especially since we were late to the wars. We should hold extra responsibility for all death that occurred.
  3. Don't put words in my mouth.

    Tell me about Vietnam n so called Police Action?
    What brainwashing explained that war?
    Communist paranoia?
    Also Gulf War II over oil..explain that?
    What was priority? Liberate oil or ppl?
  4. I will put words where ever I want. Not much you can do about it.
  5. No I won't the topic was Japan and world war 2.
  6. Stop with the actual talk on a comedic relief thread!

    Anyway, here's something you may hear on this tour.

    "Why are the French waving white flags already? They're our allies"
  7. I agree
  8. @ hydra

    Lol I hope you are not suggesting that the atomic bombs were the only two bombs dropped on Japan throughout the entire war.

    Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, all burnt to the ground in air raids. They had more causalities than Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The Nagasaki Bomb was actually meant for Kokura, but since it was cloudy there, the Americans decided to drop it at the closest populous site. As long as they were killing the yellow Japanese they were happy.
  9. Freedom of Speech n choice..
    its ur Constipational Right
    Build more prisons n pay ur bills.
  10. The fire bombings were more effective, but if you feel Japan has some kind of moral authority because of it. You are wrong.

    Here. Let's all lol over topic like this.
  11. There are a whole lot of Koreans and Chinese who would say Japan holds no authority at all concerning human rights and war crimes.

    If that's the route everyone wants to take. It doesn't matter the Japanese government deals with it daily anyway.
  12. Well the US has done many great things.
    Also built on oppression of ppls.

    Colonialization as Canada was.

    Again slavery, Native Americans.
    Civil rights leaders murdered etc.

    French n Brits traded with natives n fought a war for Canada.
    Britain won n hence the BNA Act.
    Now promised treaties r being honoured for land claims in court.

    2 of the greatest Americans that come to my mind r Abraham Lincoln n Muhammad Ali
  13. The invasion of Manchuria and Korea is a huge blood stain on Japan. This started in the early 20th century. With Japanese wars against Russia.

    That is one of the main reason left wing liberal Japanese are against Japan's re militarization to contest China for supremacy in Asia. That the reason the some people prefer to remain pacifist.

    The problem is China is out in the ocean building islands and putting airstrips on them.
    Do they defend themselves? Or not?

    We the US says yes. Japan has the right to defend itself and fight with its allies.
  14. Lol hydra

    That's why the Yanks dropped the A--bombs. They were worried about the Koreans. 

    Yeah the Chinese/Korean governments like to talk about events of 65 years ago. It's easy to mislead the public about your own incompetence if you blame everything on the Japanese. (We murdered thousands of teenagers in Tianamen square? Let's blame it on the Japanese)
  15. All nations r right to defend sovereignty n a threats to them.

    So Canada wonders why the US ignores out sovereignty regarding the Northwest Passage?

    News Flash....we r ur best friend n ally
  16. Brits invaded China as well. Called it colonialism. Didn't see any Yanks dropping bombs in them.
  17. Your attention span is minimal.
  18. Royale with cheese made me chuckle lol
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  20. Colonialism is great when European countries do it. Heaven forbid a yellow country like Japan try it.