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  1. As you all may know, a convoy of Stryker armored vehicles from US Army is driving through Europe to show solidarity with it's European Allies in the face of renewed aggression by Putin..

    They are to be driving through various towns and cities and also camp out as they move..

    Here are some overheard conversations from this convoy so far..

    "Where is the MacDonalds drive thru?"

    "We will only do left turns"

    "Stoned in Estonia"

    "Sir, the road is not wide enough"

    "Aren't we supposed to be shooting at things?"

    "My license plate says Do Me in French"

    "According to the GPS, we are in the red light district"

    "My grandpa visited here with the 3rd army last time.. He said ask for Hilda"

    "What is up with the unshaven atmpits?"

    "Did we just drive over a smart car.. Again?"

    "Isn't Russia the other way?"

    "Nothing like the smell of croissants and cappuccino in the morning"

    "Wow, no speed limits on the Autobahn.. I think we can crank to 40MPH and let it rip"

    "Hey.. Quick.. Go and see if that quick mart at that gas station sells Pork Rinds"

    "Hey look, I'm on European KAW WC"

    "Get those Sheep off the road asap"

    "Let's race that Porsche 911 GT2.. If we're losing, we'll just blow it up"

    "According to the tourist brochure, this is where Obama was born"

    "Oh no.. Not another roundabout"

    "Do you speak English?.. I know.. I know you're English, but do you speak it!!?"

    "Royale with Cheese please"

    "That chick just said my Weinerschnitzel is too small"
  2. Stop with your pointless threads
  3. Don't listen to statless noobs.  keep up the good work ashes. 
  4. ok so you've been following the convoy the whole time?
  5. Grandpa one made me LOL
  6. Oh I intend to insult both Americans and Europeans in this thread as the convoy moves along
  7. I'm American and I support this thread.
  8. "Sorry, We don't serve Kool Aid"
  9. "What language do you speak? European?"

    Heard that somewhere in Florida once...

    Autobahn!!! 
  10. Exit sign sounds funny if pronounced in english

  11. This is how i felt in europe lol
  12. Actually that convoy just reached to Romania :p and is only for some NATO military exercises.

    But let's see...that convoy stopped to Constanta.

    McDonald's - check
    Red lights district - no :( is illegal in Romania damn.
    Can't stoned. For same reason as the lack of red lights district :(
    But several clubs with hot babes... Works same way as red lights district but one have to be smooth talker aswell.
  13. Nothing like an Ashes's thread to lighten things up. Loved it <3
  14. Hey, does this humvee make my butt look big

  15. The 2 on the right 
  16. Armpits?

    Can I get money from the hair?
  17. Nato was created to counter act any russian aggresion in europe. Since it has'nt got the balls to do anything in ukraine they might aswell just not bother existing.
  18. 1. NATO was created as a defensive alliance to protect its members.
    2. Ukraine is not a NATO member.
    3. Just because no country has declared war on Russia doesn't mean nothing is happening. They're obviously going to try diplomacy first.
  19. Trade embargoes n other means r used.
    Another good thread...thx Ashes