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  1. And enter the flaming jealous u.s. haters from has been insignificant countries
  2. Congratulations, Matrix. You have ruined this thread you ignorant idiot.
  3. This games community ruins every thread. People were arguing on first page before I even entered. And I want it ruined, I dont want support or sympathy for my country from the kaw community given how viciously the u.s. is attacked in forums and wc and made fun of. You can all choke on your fake sympathy as far as im concerned
  4. Totally jealous of your failing economy, civil unrest and police state justice system. I call you guys simply "The States" as united is definitely not a word I would use to describe that country.

    Only gave my opinion and you chose to be salty and emotionally make a scene, maybe don't let words on a screen cut you so deeply? People will have different view points than yourself, either get over it or continue to feel upset over them and act foolish, feel free to do either or both of those.

    Also insignificant countries? Right because no country has any recorded history prior to 1776 because we just wanted to pick a random 4 digit number as a starting point for the Roman Catholic Calendar and start history from there.
  5. As trolly as it sounds, im not trolling atm, i was genuinely at my friends birthday party :S

    Didn't even know about 9/11 till i was like 13/14 and then we all worked out it was my friends birthday and were stoked
  6. And what toilet are you from my friend that is so successful? Our failures surpass most countries achievements.

    And im talking currently signifigant. Not what you did long ago. The vikings were once a world power also does that make them relevant today?
  7. Well yeah, they are kind of relevant as ALOT of the US population, as well as the UK population (who btw, your secret service and overseas intelligence agencies would be completely useless without) originate from or were married to through birth, the Vikings.

    You come on this thread, spouting out nonsense that has NOTHING to do with the fact that 15 years ago, part of the economic centre of the western world was attacked without warning, killing thousands from all countries.

    If you want to make a thread about 'toilet' countries and how America is so amazing, go for it, I fully support you in it. It is a great country that like all countries has its flaws, it is the leading world power at the moment, so ofcourse it's going to get more critique.
  8. Then die....and we can all celebrate

  9. And nobody calls your country anything because it is insignificant. Jealousy runs deep with this noob from a noob ass wannabe osw clan
  10. What's with all the insignificant comments, even the most insignificant country or organisation can bring a power to its knees, as was proven when 2 towers came tumbling down.

    If you idiots would just remember your fallen without acting like immature kids then you should just leave the thread.
  11. I have no ties to the towers and yes it was a tragic day for the US and the world. Remember it's the world trade towers and not the US trade towers so it kinda affects everyone.

    As for me it's a day to remember my grandfather(pawpaw) because he was the one that told me to come inside and watch the tv. I worked in his garage behind his house. He has passed since then but I can still see his face saying "a plane hit one of the trade towers, they don't know if it was an accident or terrorism yet".
  12. Oh I was 5 years old playing with glue in school at the time
  13. You wanna no what's sad? The effect it had, America didn't have the facts straight and many people were killed in Arabia. When what they truly wanted was their oil, it was an excuse, and those people who died in the towers died in vain
  14. Keep talking folks. No view is wrong. It's your right to voice what u think.
    But for me. May those that gave everything since this tragic day, rest in peace. Soldiers fight and die on command . But civilians not respecting that sacrifice is what's sad. Not all but some actually blame those brave heroes . Point on thread is community .
    So 
  15. Its not that we don't respect their sacrifice but it ain't all glory buddy. Every military force have been ordered to commit atrocities that we don't know about. Someone gotta do it but I don't admire it
  16. Hypocrite much? (U loser)
  17. I'll remember the forgotten by many here...

    ...............All the non-Americans..................

    The rest of you can argue n bicker on.
  18. Everyone always taking shots at America every chance they get. Sometimes I really wish the u.s. would just pull all its resources and troops home and leave all you ungrateful ignorant pricks to the Russias and Irans of the world. Would be funny as hell to see you all cry and moan with us not around to keep the wolves at bay.
  19. It's unfortunately "un-American" to leave people to their fate. They refuse to let "evil" triumph will they stand there. And so the only peace for America is when the only ones to exist are Americans.