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  1. 15 years. And 9-11 continues to kill. Yet we have a country so divided today that it seems the terrorists won.
    I stand here an older man, saying I haven't forgotten.
    Keep the memories alive.
    Post below your insight, thoughts and views.
    Where were you when this event in our history and how has this effected you.
    Me: I was an engineer working for a tech firm. I joined the US Marines 4 weeks after.
    Was commissioned and served in all the gulf wars. Retired last year .
    Looking back, I made the right decision. Looking forward I fear that what we sacrificed is in danger due to a weak government.
    I hope and pray things get better but I believe in the next gen. Take it further our future , ensure we never forget but we stay the path and ensure our freedom.
    Col. Rip, 2nd marines 5th division
    Hoorah, semper fi
  2. I was 15, just entered the shop after school when the second plane hit. (Uk based)

    Memoriam Eorum Retinebimus
  3. true support 

     Yes, to this day, my flag goes up, comes down at night. No, don't never forget 

    I love my country
  4. I was 6 years old, now I'm 21 and in the Army as a 31B. I just want to get deployed somewhere. 
  5. Ppl die evey where evey day and we cant keep looming at the past got to move on if we still greving about this day then we should greave evey day for others who also died
  6. Shut the hell up idiot, nobody said you couldn't grieve for anyone else. Get your ignorant incoherent self off this thread.
  7.  wow only form post can tell me that your nobody meh also it a feee speach i say what i want

    You just have to move on in life we all die 1 day
  8. Yup I have the same free speech genius. If we all die that means we can reflect on those who have?
  9. Well i rather die in peace dont want people greaving and ceying rather let them have a happy life an emjoy it whike they can
  10. Taking this to pms, don't want to ruin a good thread.
  11. You cant post anything about U.S. on here. Bunch of Flaming U.S. hating bitter liberal minded dorks make up this game.

  12. Bunch of euro panzy I stuck me finga in me bum mum
    And canadian hosers who are protected by the U.S. but hate us
  13. 1. Free speech is not applicable in Canada or in anything 'online'.
    2. The first ammendment gives protection of speech if and only if it is of peaceful nature;This means your comment is not protected as it promotes controversy and /anger Provoking a negative response. Key word. Provokes. Any speech that provokes violence of any kind is not protected speech. K thnks

    Edit: if your going to live in this country you might as well know it's laws inside and out and not be an idiot sheep like most people are. (Impersonating someone) "oh i have this right to do this and that and your stupid and im smart" "oh thats racist, oh thats unconstitutional, oh your a bad person and im sooooo good"

    ... and before anyone tries to judge me, you should take the plank outta your eye before you talk about the speck in mine -bible

    I hope im not being contradictory but i dont have the answer to that <--
  14. You just quoted your salty post with a salty post, try not giving forums a sodium over dose eh?

    In all seriousness, America wasn't the only country to lose people that day, the wtc were constantly having foreign investors or whatever other financial employees and the likelihood of multi national citizens on the flights. Though America lost many lives and 2 buildings barely anyone focuses on that lives were lost in general, people should mourn over the international impact this event had rather than their own tribalistic mentality to focus on only people from the same land as actual people to them.

    Arguing, trashing and boastings on a day of memoriam is disrespectful and childishly idiotic. You may do whatever you please, just my 2 cents into a public forum on a 9+ tap tap game I've had installed for 6 years.
  15. America gets trashed day in and day out on this game. Dont pull that we lost lives crap to. Noone supports us on anything on here so lets not pretend were united one day out of the year.
  16. Support to anyone who was impacted by that day, support to the U.S. military for tracking down the men who orchestrated the attack and delivering justice.
  17. I believe you mean the NATO* militaries for tracking them down.

    Also stop being so salty, your destroying a remembrance thread about a tragedy in your own country. "Moron".
  18. You make it sound like Americans don't make fun of other countries on a daily basis, basing this on probability alone odds are some do and it applies to any country as well.

    Like I said you can be salty in a war game forum if you want to, just in my opinion if you're going to spend the day where you pay respect to the dead battling with trolls and your own insecurity that your country like every country has flaws, is disrespectful to the dead and makes you come off as a idiotic child, again just my opinion take it how you want.

    Greeting a hand in friendship even if it just for a few minutes or hours in respect of the dead and how unfortunate this day is, with bitterness and hatred is just foolish and goes to show maybe our species should just die out and hope the next evolution of dominant intelligent life does a better job than we have.

    All these achievements and feats we have recorded yet we can't escape our rooted distrust of the village across the river cause they may; shockingly enough have different opinions and views than us.
  19. Lol Nato ....smh....your posts are cute