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  2. Was that after he kissed that dude pretending to be a chick in ace Ventura pet detective?
  3. The back door
  4. Yes
  5. HALO Ring

    Pros: Premade weather, beautiful beaches, cute Grunt butlers

    Cons: Once you see a green MJOLNIR-cladded dude, it's going to blow up in about... Five hours.
  6. My back yard

    Pros. You get to see my snake.

    Cons. No... That's really a snake.
  7. Literally only go to forums for frog posts and funny gifs lol
  8. The bus station


    Cons: homeless people begging for change, old people telling back in my day stories, horrendously ugly people everywhere(yes I'm looking at you)
  9. I'd take a date to the bus station. What a thrill. Then to McDonald's.

  10. Lol thanks mate.
  11. The skate park

    Pros... May be able to see a girl ride a rail.

    Cons... When u show up, there are only boys riding rails.
  12. AA meetings:

    Pros: She's at Step 11

    Cons: You're stuck at step 1

  13. I gotta admit. This is funny. Give this guy a trophy.
  14. Graveyard
    Pros all dead

    Cons all dead
    ( Necrophiliac appreciation society)
  15. Oh come on op. Stop it with these crappy threads
  16. On a whimsical flight on Falkor's back-

    Pros: You're flying on a dragon dog's back, and can see all of Fanasia with a bird's eye view. The Southern Oracle lookalikes shoot lasers from their eyes. Morla the giant turtle, One grain of sand....

    Cons: Lamenting rockbiters ("They look like big strong hands don't they"), the gmork, the swamps of sadness, racing snail trails, The Nothing.
  17. Gun range.....

    Pros: you find out if your GF has what it takes to be your wife.....there are some fantastic close up times while you "learn her" on the art of shooting.....and the views from behind can be breath taking

    Cons: she outshoots you and never lets you live it down...even after 15 years

    This is hypothetical of course


  18. Has he received his trophy yet?!
  19. It arrived in the mail yesterday. Thanks everyone for your support and constant stream of encouragement, love, and adoration. I truly appreciate you all. Stay awesome.