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  1. I didnt think it could be true....amazzzzzzzziiiinnnnnggggggggg

    a daggone mirrored floor, just amazing
  2. Tatooine
    Pros: Nice sunsets, pod racing, and array of cantinas and gambling all in a remote part of the galaxy.

    Cons: You'll never find the Droids you're looking for,lots of political corruption, they don't generally accept the currency of the Republic.
  3. Beautiful coastal beaches.

    Pro: Chics find it romantic and feel the need to breed.

    Con: Sand will find its way into ever thing. Plus you'll have to pack out the used baby wipes ect.
  4. Dumpster

    Pros: Free food and other valuable items

    Cons: Date might think you are weird and leave, plus it kinda smells
  5. AA meeting

    Pros: Atleast both of you are sober..

    Cons: Both of you are sober..
  7. Irish whisky! In Scotland!!  
  9. I ****** a Korean on top of a dead tiger if that counts as a date
  10. That's too kinky, even for me. Crazy Koreans. Like doing the nasty anywhere.
  11. PRISON:

    Pros: Free Soap, you'll get plenty of time with your date..

    Cons: Your date is really a dude with a mop cloth on his head.. Don't drop the soap

  12. Unless you're a guard

    Pro: you have a captive audience thats is lonely and the sneaking around excites you more

    Con: they already have a record so it doesnt matter if they add 1 more murder to their sentence....dont piss them off
  13. 
  14. Vermont

    Pros: beautiful in the fall, Vermont highway patrol

    Cons: Farva
  15. The white house?
  16. pros: the interns are young, usually beautiful and awwed by the power you seem to personify.


    1. The secret service is not amused at the monkey business of sneaking around. Apparently its not funny to them when i mention how i am gonna drop "dis bomb" on that ass

    2. It really messes with the cleaning staff by leaving tracks in the carpet as you scoot around doing the dog poses.

    3. Clinton has already tagged the oval office as his den of sin, so the newness has worn off
  17. Why not, they are next door nations. Lol
  18. Airport terminal!

    Pros: free strip search

    Cons:by a person you don't want touching you
  19. Walmart

    Pros-has everything chicks love walking around looking at for hours, can walk snug with hands in each other pockets

    Cons- she gonna end up wanted something to purchase

    *Pro Tip* say you wallet in thr car at the register, leave said chick an mechandise at register an sit in the car

    (Disclamior-takes some chicks 30mins max to get the idea)

    When she comes out offer to go back in an get the goods she gonna be irate an say no

    So go fast but not were she knows its a gateaway so 'we to far away' becomes plausible

    Now for the smart chicks that agrees to going in to get the stuff proceed in an way say you know what forget you an this let me tske you home

    Dont engage any conversation an drop her home, see gonna forget all about what you didnt buy an be focused on if you dont like her an boom you get the girl an she buying you stuff :D how awesome is that