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  1. Look.. Anyone can take their sweetie to a movie theatre or McDonalds drive-thru on a date and get to second base..

    This thread is to suggest and discuss any well known unusual place or fantasy world or a place in a different time that you would go on a date with your sweetie..

    It can be anything as long as it is relatively well known (No.. "Your parents' basement" is not a well known fantasy place)

    And to make it fun, tell us what you like about or the Pros and Cons of having the romantic date there..

    OK! Here's a few to get started..

    The Shire (AKA Tim's favourite hangout):

    Pros: Peaceful.. Awesome parties with lots of food and drink. If the hobbits try to hit on your date, you can just toss them..

    Cons: Stinky feet.. Can't fit into the houses to make out..

    San Angeles (From the movie Demolition Man):

    Pros: All the restaurants are Taco Bell

    Cons: Can't swear, no salt, virtual make out sessions... Oh, and three seashells

    Bikini Bottom:

    Pros: Just the name alone gets you in the mood..

    Cons: You get Spongebob and Patrick coming along on your date

    Jack Rabbit Slims:

    Pros: Out of this world Milkshakes.. Twist contests to show off ur cool

    Cons: Try not to confuse Choco with Coke

    That beachside village in Vietnam:

    Pros: Peaceful seaside town where the surf breaks both ways! (*Insert your backdoor joke here)

    Cons: Any moment, some American 'surfers' will come tearassing in with the Helicopters, blaring Die Valkure.. And Napalm it back to Stone Age..

    Amity Island:

    Pros: Great beach.. Sunny weather.. You can go skinny dipping with your sweety at night under the moon..

    Cons: An annoying fish

    Woodstock festival 1969:

    Pros: Peace and Love! You get to see Jimi live..

    Cons: No cellphones.. No KaW..

    Inside MC Escher's Drawings:

    Pros: A whimsical place for Nerds to go on a date

    Cons: Those stairs never end!

    Inside Dr. Dre, Akon and Snoop's music video "Kush":

    Pros: THAT is one hell of a party scene..You can freeze time

    Cons: Snoop's blunt will knock you out

    Suggest away!!
  2. Highlands in kaw

    Pros: You're in Scotland so plenty of beer and Irish whisky

    Cons: You will never be able to "complete" unless you spend a lot of money.
  3. Are sheep considered Pros or Cons?
  4. They are cons everywhere except for Montana.
  5. Devney Land of KaW

    Pro: Pay to play, Pay to win.

    Cons: Rage to quit, Quit to play.
  6. Hehe so true. Highlands will never be done on my land.
  7. Retirement home

    PROs: Free mixed nuts in a delicate crystal chalice.

    CONs: They are older than God and used to be coated in chocolate. (The crunchy centers damage dentures ,you see)
  8. Was searching for places to go on google, somehow ended up watching scenes from the Saw movies on youtube.
  9. Not enough boobs. You should ask for lock and try again
  10. Non panties cosplay bars in Japan. Mirrors on the floor!

  11. Can I visit you? 
  12. Cons: Some are men.
  13. I'm gonna go sit in a corner and cry for a week or two.
  14. Cons: most are overweight and you can't see past their belly. Not sayin there is anything bad with a little extra loving.

  15. No sheep

  17. It's okay man. Cry it out.
  18. TITANIC:

    Pros: Lavish settings.. Best of the best in luxury and opulence..

    Cons: You know how it ends

    The lounge on Enterprise D:

    Pros: Romulan Ale.. Pick a fight with Worf.. Tell Rogaine jokes to Capt Piccard

    Cons: Deanna Troi can read your mind..

  19. Frog is a girl

    Pros: None give a f.

    Cons: None give a f.

  20. You hang with the wrong crowd if men wear panties bud