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  1. T5 Hansel Guide
    By VAL

    Note: when I say T5 hansel I mean having 1 T5 attack building and the rest volary's (T3 spy building)

    so, since the new release of T5 buildings and T3 spy buildings, and also T4 prices have been slashed to half price things are allot easier. the new buildings can only be built in the highlands. which means you will want to avoid building any sort of T4 building in the highlands. this will save you allot of time and money.

    first off  ____________________________
    Since there already many guides on becoming a hansel, there's no need to say it all again (if you need information on becoming a T3 hansel I suggest looking through some of the many guides already out there in the strategy section). So let's just say you have 23 lvl 4 guilds and 1 lvl 3 aviary with at least 7.5b in allies and you have just discovered the highlands. This is the point where people would swap there guilds for T4 buildings, and people who want to be T4 hansel start to swap guilds to SOS. NEVER do this  keep your lowlands as they are, you want to unlock 4 of the highlands and put more lvl 4 guilds on then so you will end up with 27 max guilds and 1 max aviary. Here are the prices for the first 4 highlands:
    Number.1 = 3b
    Number.2 = 3.5B
    Number.3 = 4b
    Number.3 = 4.5b

    Next  _____________________________
    so now that you have the 4 highlands with guilds built on them you want to swap that war aviary or the 1 attack building you have to T5 lvl 1. after this id suggest buying a few more highlands before upgrading the T5 to lvl 2 or 3, as a lvl 1 T5 has higher stats than a lvl 3 T4

    Thirdly  ______________________________
    so now You want to unlock as many highlands as possible, and once again build more guilds on them,i like to leave the last few big lands such as 200b+ its just my choice, but you can get all the lands first if you like. after you have bought as many highlands as possible and slapped some more guilds down its time to get busy with hauntings!


    Big incomes ____________________
    WAAAT! you are now making some serious cash per haunting. At this point I'd suggest doing it my way, you will want to convert all your guilds in the highlands too lvl 1 volary's. yes, do it all at once. why why why? thats always the question. well, the lower stats you are the better plunder you will get a haunting, because eventually if you get too big the eb is too easy. say a HLBC player hit warbeasts. their plunder is tiny. this works the same with hauntings. the rough price for a volary level 1 is 27b, and you'll want 25 in the highlands so thats a total of 675b. i can get 20b a day haunting on my guild hansel if i tried, easily. plus i ally trade which provides more income and eventually once i get 675b i will swap all the guilds in highlands for level 1 volary's.

    The biggen  ____________________________
    right, you have all the volary's down in highlands. now you want to save 14b and start swapping guilds in the lowlands to SOS (no new buildings can be built in lowlands) take away your caste and attack building this leaves you with 23 SOS to build at a price of 14b. do the math lmao. once you have done this your stats will now be higher than a normal HLBC SOS hansel. now, its just upgrading all your volary's to level 2, then finally level 3. simple eh. and its the best way. dont believe me? well, do your own way lmao. that way i can BC before you.

     well that's it. ive updated this guide since the new release of T5 buildings ect. its your choice, the guide is quick and simple and the most effiecient way of becoming BC.
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    Thanks   well nikki. Follow the yellow brick road. And in road I mean the guide 
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    Prices of highland

    Number 1
    Number 2
    Number 3
    Number 3

    Please fix that. 
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    very nice info and also 600plus bil is not much saving it will go fast.
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    Since no ones made a guide on becoming a T4 hansel and how to build SOS right (not to my knowledge) I thought I'd make one since I've always wandered 
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    Great guide, shame im not hansel no more(but have hansel alt) because i gave up when I had 4 lv 3 SOS, 1 lv 3 Titan and 19 lv 4 guilds.

    Then highlands came out....
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    Good work!
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    Thanks  I ain't no guide maker so I didn't make it all snazzy lol. There's spelling errors in some places (first time post lol) well you get the point 
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    Great guide. Tyvm for the info
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    Hooray, finally. Couldn't have written this before I bought 4 lvl2 SoS....but nevermind.

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