Guide to Clans of KaW - The Highschool Version

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  1. This was highschool for the rich and famous.....we refer to them as LB

  2. Dear Charlie,

    I heard that you may be doing a "tour" of some clans on KaW.. I figure you might find this guide helpful for ya..

    PS: There is this little thing called "OSW".. Most badass clans are in one or the other.. Join at your own risk️
  3. Reminds me of when our school had a exchange student from Eastern Germany. He didn't speak much English, he knew a bit of French and spoke German. Mostly French people in my high school, Canada. All the girls would flock to him when he showed up for the first few weeks. When he was clueless he was cute as hell and all the girls and some guys drooled over over him. There was never a girl who wasn't willing to help him and I still haven't figured out how he's almost completely oblivious to their flirting.
  4. What about A Thinking Narwhal?
  5. Did you forget veri☹️
  6. Here's a guide I made for you Charlie!!!
  7. Confirmed! A fire extinguisher, on more than one occasion, Longs famous goat Chili