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Discussion in 'Other KaW Discussion' started by Caedis, May 31, 2018.

  1. What does this even mean?


  2. Just wondering how you can be a 8 year veteran but be inactive for 4 years
  3. Hmmm let’s see 8 year old account been gone for 4yrs. Hmmmm duh I don’t know.

    Veteran is a veteran
  4. Hell I’ve been on here longer than you and took a 1 year break

  5. Ask a cow to translate for you ...wheres ella? (lol)
  6. MoooooElla
  7. Sorry addition and subtraction wasn't a big thing for you on the force Domo
  9. meow moo I am king

  10. I’ve been around since the ancient times, since King Spragga ruled the land with fear and torture. ;)
  11. I’ve heard this name before
  12. I remember those times too. This account was made either 5-6 years ago, retired 4-5 years ago just came back yesterday.
  13. King_monster was me.
  14. You have the 8 year badge, your account is older than that my man
  15. Holy necro-bump of peace and prosperity, Batman!