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  1. Hi guys,

    Caedis here. 8 year KaW vet returning from a 4 year retirement.

    Am I the only one the remembers the tales of Spragga and his almighty, invincible, castle stealing stable build?

    Where have our OG legends gone? Who is telling the newbies of the ancient tales of Spragga, our very own KaW Boogeyman, coming while we sleep and holding our castles ransom, back in the days when we only had 25 lands and T3 buildings? Someone needs to prepare these poor new players for his inevitable return.

    Someone save us from Spragga, because God and the Devs certainly can’t.

  2. The Spragga meme sold out so much the Devs even released an unbeatable Spragga EB on April Fools’ once.

    The current holder of the Spragga username is not the original one either...
  3. Well that’s a damn shame.

    Of course it would become over-memed.
  4. Congrats on your return! Best of luck!
  5. Welcome back
    Went on a little nostalgia trip
    I had completely forgotten about this meme
  6. No one remembers that Hansel was a person not just a build mechanic

    Or Teja had a gizzilion dollars invested

    Or Patman ruled as OSF/OAF in PWAR

    Or Wulf ran tight weekend system wars to run tests

    Or Anciiene uh never mind on that one

    Or Chaos Reborn started and stopped and restarted more than a student driver learning stick

    Or That Voodoo was a clan that hit while (sc)outlaws scouted people 

    Or that 1 million was a lot of gold for just getting hired

    Or the last quest was a mofo!

    So Spragga lives as an April’s fool joke and a commercial ad

    Or How many allies I took buying from Swabia for the castle code

    Or wall art giving a battle bonus

    Or multiple resets from BC (LL all unlocked) giving bonus items AND ally slots

    Or even that there used to be. a RESET button often pushed in RESET RAGE

    Or what the point of this thread was
  7. Well, what a trip down memory lane. You’ve been around for all the good stuff 

    I think the point was... nothing. More of just a troll-esque post about a nostalgic meme I had no idea was ruined by developer shilling. Kind of broke my frail old heart, actually.

  8. EiGhT yEaR kAw VeT

    7 year badge

    Y u always lyyyyyiiiin
  9. This is an alt. My original account was deleted for inactivity.

  10. So you had pro packs on your alt and not your main? Seems legit
  11. Actually, yes.

    My main was from when I was like 15 years old and had an iPod Touch and no bank cards, my second account (or what some would call alt) was created when I got a new iPhone the following year, and proceeded to be the one I purchased Pro Packs on and linked to my ATA account so I could transfer it to new devices. Not that hard to grasp, and now you know the story of how my ATA life got flipped turned upside down.

  12. Nope. Stop lying for clout. That’s really weird. No1curr
  13. Your obvious attempt at trolling is obvious. Try harder.

  14. Relax there chappy. You aren’t important enough to troll.
  15. Yes!! I, too, just returned from a 4 year break, and had similar thoughts.

    Good times! However, I think it’s kind of cool that the spragga joke became officially recognized and part of game activity. He’s been immortalized and now new players will ask about it, so the story keeps getting passed on.
  16. Welcome back, buddy.

  17. moo