 Merry Christmas! 

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  1. I want that chocolate house soooooo bad now. Great thread chocolate 
  2. Think how many trees die at Christmas its actually pretty sad.
  3. Awesome thread Chocolate!
    Great read and learned a few new things haha

    Happy Holidays!

    Oh, and nice chocolate house
  4.  merry Christmas chocolate, thanks for all your hard work may it continue in 2017 
  5. Happy Halloween!
  6. They play hide the pickle 
  8. M8 Ireland's Santa's got a great gig.
  9. Been looking around. This is the best Christmas thread with best presentation. Enjoy your holidays. Don't be yourselves lol. Be loving and EXTRA KIND . HAPPY HOLIDAYS.
  10. It is difficult to remember all the WHYS of a popular tradition held in many Midwest churches in American. Many Baptist Churches hold a festival of light. Each member stays awake all night in church together. They keep a candle lit. Taking turns keeping the Midnights oil burning. Till the break of dawn,most of the congregation fast. Meaning no food all night till breakfast. The reason for the burning candles and their light: the church made Christmas close to winter solstice to convert sun worshipers to Christianity. Thus, the reasons for light needed. Most believe Jesus was born when the stars followed by the wise men are visible in the Mideastern region of Europe. This time of year is closer to February through March. Again sun worship, I.e.stars. also Jesus is the son of God as well as God in human form. Son is followed, sun is smallest in sky. Fire light all night. Sun,son worshipping... You decide what or WHO you want to worship. Freedom of religion in Central America. Festival of lights!!! Christ Mass: Christmas. Kill a ever green tree.place candles on it. Think a tree wants burning candles hanging from it's branches? Poor tree huggers, suffer!!! Christmas Ham: pork is unclean? Pigs jumping off cliff when demon possessed. Why presents? Getting the population to spend their money when crops are weakest in winter. $-worship money. Putting them in debt to insure that they work the crops to pay debt all next year, AGAIN!. Welp, hopefully you enjoyed the post. Most hate this story because it hits too close to home,too hard. Deth2ms,DIE:Microsoft corp. Ownership of hard working ppl + all forms of slavery! Bye buy the by&by!
  11. Can confirm the Irish tradition, however it also varies for each household. Sometimes it's Harp and sometimes it's Magners. But very often definitely alcohol