5 years of Kaw

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by eddzie, Nov 21, 2014.

  1. I told you to leave :) final warning before I get a mod involved.
  2. All jealous of him congratulations
  3. Nice Eddzie 5 years is a lot of time. I remember the original game a long time ago on a Mochigames account.
  4. Congrats, welcome to the club. 
  5. 5 years, very impressive. Congratulations :)
  6. Thanks Hera and chaos
  7. Kewl bro, congrats 
  8. Welcome to the five year club, glad to see you join us :D
  9. About time, I've been sitting at five year for awhile 
  10. For Eddzie, I feel you
    you. Not game I started, or game I gave up, yet I come back to it again and again so there must be something good about it :-D
  11. Welcome to ze club friend
  12. Thanks all!
  13. Congrats E
  14. Nice 4 year achievement! Where'd you find it? Noobs 'R Us?
  15. U know I've been playin for 5 years , and devs only give me 3 year badge. They are taking the piss.
  16. Benny and I are in the five year club
  17. Good job being inactive for 5 years

    I'm slow clapping for you and your 80k wins right now.
  18. I know that feel bro