5 years of Kaw

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  1. I did it,

    I hit the coveted 5 year veteran mark.
    Through hundreds of friends, dozens of clans, many wars, tons of growing up. A lot of ********.
    I made it. I don't even know why I still play in all honesty, this game isn't the same. It's not the game I fell for, I can't tell if it's fact no one cares for the PVP aspect anymore (you say you do but cry about 3 hits you fairy). I don't know if it's all the money grabbing.

    All I know is I'm still here, maybe it's the insanely awesome support team who when I feel like I want to talk I can send them an email about anything and they'll do their best to get back to me, maybe it's all the great people I know here who never talk to me 

    Anyways! That's where I'll leave off. Thanks kingdoms at war for giving me something to do over the last half decade!
  2. Who are you
  3. ^(Congratulations though :lol:)
  4. Let's keep it that way.
  5. Congrats Im going at about 4 years myself
  6. Exactly
  7. Exactly
  8. That way - - >
  9. congrats zie
  10. Ok noob, and Noob
  11. Were you inactive for 4 
  12. For 2! ACTUALLY
  13. congrats Eddzie
  14. Inactive for 2, so you've been playing for 3 years. Big whoop :lol:
  15. Sarcasm isn't something you do well
  16. Damm im near 4 years in a few days
  17. That isn't sarcasm idiot, you haven't played for 5 years :lol:
  18. Please leave my thread :) you aren't being constructive in any way and you are just here to troll. If you want to continue speaking, hit my news feed.
  19. Enjoy, that's why I chose this name