 Pumpkin Contest 

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  1. Hey guys! As we all know, some kaw'ers are amazing at creating works of art, therefore I propose a bit of a contest. You have between now and Halloween to post your best carved pumpkin, not one you found online but one you actually did. (I will reverse google search if suspicious)

    The winner will be announced November 1st and will receive 1 seal of the damned used in the clan of their choice. Here's my pumpkin for this year:


    Good luck to all and may the best pumpkin win 

    Link for posting pics: http://tinypic.com/?t=postupload

    Change upload size to 320x240
  2. Users vote? Or winner chosen by you?
  3. Low effort pumpkincreative idea tho
  4. it's BH, EVERYTHING they do is low effort.
  5. Jenni further refrain from posting on my thread as the topic of this is not BH. Ty
  6. I am on topic tyvm, I was talking about what a low effort thread this is.
  7. Danible, I'm trying to get the devs to chose a winner, but if not I'll pick 
  8. Ah sadly the devs caring isn't the subject of this either. The subject, since obviously you didn't read the op, is to post pictures of pumpkins in the hope to win a seal. Now as you've not posted a single picture of a pumpkin, and have now posted off topic twice, please do in fact remove yourself from my thread. Ty :d
  9. It has more effort than that hazz persons thread
  10. Is there a size requirement dor the pumpkins? id do a tiny one as i don't wanna make a mess.
  11. Nope no requirement
  12. May to prove that it is theirs have them write on a piece of paper their profile name and put it next to the pumpkin.
  13. This thread hasn't started well :3 sorry to hear but I'm anxious to see what people create! Good luck to all and

    Very smexy Xtreme :cool:
  14. Idea for the event. You must write your game name and put it in the photo. That way we know it is authentic
  15. This was a pain to carve (me mum did it) and was not easy to get the lighting correct, I don't even like Pokemon that much, but this is awesome.


    We also uploaded it in a website n stuff
  16. It was also painted on, and yes, there's another one like it
  17. .
    You posted it on a website.
    There's another one like this on a website.

    Anyone else smelling some bull ****?