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  1. Swerves into a ditch for no real reason
  2. Zeth Bond activates invisibility, racing up besides Batgirl. Halle Berry jumps into the rocket and begins to beat the living crap out of her.
  3. Reverses thundertank and gets back on course. Speeds up. Snarf ejects liono and aims his hardened body at batgirl and her attacker.
  4. Which batgirl are we talkin' here?
  5. With a swift movement of one hand Batgirl pushes Halle off the rocket..


    Then she turns around to look at liono's "hardened" body.


    Stopped on his tracks by her cold stare, liono crashes into a ditch.. Batgirl gets on her bike.

    Liono watches as she pedals towards finish line, an inscription appearing on heat sensitive panties:
  6. Suddenly, Zeth Bond draws his handgun, aiming at her impressive posterior.

    He fires, striking her in the spine directly above the rear, paralyzing her.

    Zeth yells as he speed by, catching Halle,


    He cackles and revs the engine, deploying oil slick behind him.
  7. Snarf cries out as lionos maimed body hits the ditch.

    Accelerates the thunder tank and moves to overtake batgirl.
  8. Bond then deftly shoots a crystal chandelier, causing it to fall, pinning lionos maimed body to the thunder tank, and piercing through, damaging it.
  9. Fires heat seeking missiles directly at Bonds car.
  10. Batgirl has flashbacks of when she was shot in her spine and paralysed before
    Ever since that time she wears a bulletproof crack patch. Real thing
    She throws an explosive bat dart into Zeth, Bond and Halle. All three and their no good vehicle are blown into pieces.
    She gets on her bike
    And finishes the race. The winner is
  11. Zeth Bond used Seduce! It's super effective!
  12. surprised not even a mention of Ayrton Senna :p not that I know much, but I know he's got quite the fanbase.
  13. Okay time for another batch.. list your driver and car combos! Suggest away!

    My new entry...

    Demi Moore with the Enzo from Charlie's Angels..

    Basically you pick a driver (can be yourself or any character) and a car/vehicle with 4 wheels from anywhere in history/fiction.. Go nuts

  14. Read through some.. skipped the rest but

    how can you forget about the best,

    speed racer and the mach 5 or even racer x?
  15. How do you know that speed racer wasn't mentioned in the parts that you skipped!!!!

    I actually think Racer X is really badass.. Like he could take on Optimus Prime on a cartoon race.. Speed racer needs Trixie.. Umm Trixie..
  16. Cole Trickle
  17. Ahh yes.. Cole trickle explaining the slingshot move to Nicole Kidman with two sweet n low sugar packs.. Yes yes..

  18. Skipped scanned almost same thing haha but chim chim or whatever the monkey and the younger brother or whatever hahaha classic., and I think jazz would be faster than optimus prime