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  1. The greatest run by a white bronco ever.
  2. Whatabout the late great Dick Trickle?
    He was alright n his name is awesome. His parents obviously didn't like em much prob had a rough time in school but whatever
  3. Can I be the Greek Soldiers in the Trojan Horse?

    Powered by two Trojans of course.
  4. Wouldn't you get pushed around by the people of Troy?
  5. OMG.. Must... Refrain... From... Jokes..

    Okay!.. Why were the Greek soldiers late in getting their horse going?

    ..cos they're still busy packing their .... Nvm!!!

    X-D you are definitely in the back of the pack *snickers with Fred Flintstone..
  6. Whens the first race?
  7. Dude.. The race already started when Batgirl took off on Page 5..

    ..You all are just stunned and distracted..

    ...Git goin!!

    ...oh oh... I see the Trojans rising to attention..
  8. I did notice her smiling but only when I turned my phone on its side...wasn't in the mirror though but it was definitely rear view.
  9. Hehehe...Trojans rising... 
  10. Bruh my ecto-1 car with the driver Elsa will beat everyone. Elsa can freeze the completion. Easy first place

  11. Which one is gonna freeze competition?
    I am still going with Batgirl

  12. Oh Noes.. Snowman is bringing the Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters!!!!

    Must... Not.. Think.. of.. Mushmellows..
  13. Something tells me you picked the wrong ecto

    How do you like those marshmallows?
  14. Omg an ecto-transformer!!!?..

    Is it... An Autobot or *gasp* a Decepticon?

  15. Al cowlings was the driver
  16. The Vanquish is getting closer to Batgirl, Halle Berry making wisecracks the entire way.

    I deploy missile after the bat rear...
  17. Snarf whips Liono who starts driving the thundertank following batgirl at max speed. Deploys lionos thighs which pop batwomans back tyre.
  18. At that point Batgirl hops from her motorcycle onto Zeth's missile..


    Turns and shoots lazers at lionos thighs


    Radiation from the missile changes Batgirl into tank girl...

    And she shoots at competition... destroying everybody...

  19. Liono cries in pain. Snarf whips him and the legless liono drives the thundertank at high speed attempting to ram into batwomans rear

  20. [​IMG]