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  1. Washington why is ^^ such an idiot

    Who was here first? Thats like us invading the rest of the world cuz we want too, and saying they dont own any of their land
  2. Lmao......let's put it this way. If the early settlers didn't settle in America and/or the population didn't grow we wouldn't be here present time. So I guess everyone should be thankful in any country that people carved life out of empty land and populated it. It's idiots like you that can't see what has been accomplished for any of us the be alive.

    Here is a thought.......let's just give it back and move. Sound good ?
  3. Lets ask you this then. If you were alive then and reached america, would you automatically think "lets push natives out, settle there land and destroy the enviroment they love"? Hopefully you wouldnt. What if the europeans didnt settle and native americans became a world power?
  4. Hell yeah. I'd stake my claim and defend it just like the Indians tried to kill the settlers first.
  5. Let me ask you a question. Are you religious?
  6. Bred, born catholic. Religion has nothing to do with it. We didn't wage holy war on anyone ever
  7. Washington Blackskins or Washington Whiteskins(they're the whitest football team out there other than the Patriots)
  8. What if someone came along took your home shot your family and you werent allowed outside of a restricted area?
  9. Washington losers lmao, I doubt they even make it to the play offs this year.
  10. I would shoot back Pi
  11. ... Thanks you tried but if everyone played the pity card and gave land back to "rightful" owners not many countries today would be around lol. It's life get over it and Redskins is an honor imo .. It's like native warriors
  12. Washington Columbians
  13. The chinaman built the railroad, the indian saved the pilgrim and in return the pilgrim killed him. You call it Thanksgiving! I call ur holiday hell day, cuz im from poverty, neglected by the wealthy!

    Oh n I vote for the Washington Criminals!
  14. I'm from poverty and that's been years and years ago get over it anyone can make it in the USA
  15. U probably still got the silver spoon in ur mouth that u were born with. And I deal with things like that everyday still so sorry hulk ur a bit out of touch with reality if u think otherwise. Its the reason I moved from The US.

    Vote# 2 for Washington Criminals
  16. Why are you playing kaw then?
  17. Washington the Canadians came and burned down the White House in 1812
  18. Washington nutsacks
  19. Washington Wolves